Total Air Raid System: Basic Edition

by Coach George Coltharp


3 1/2 Hours of Chalk Talk Based "Air Raid" instruction from one of the highest leveled Nationally Certified Air Raid High School Coaches in the country through the Hal Mumme.  Now exclusively available on Coach Tube the Total Air Raid System has sold over 400 courses and is the most economical TOTAL introduction to the Air Raid Offense, its philosophies, its practices, plays, and implementations on the Internet.  Included in the Course are not only the video instructions but a downloadable practice template, playbook, and more...PLUS as an added Bonus...Coaches who complete this course get a $100 off coupon for the Total Air Raid 2020 Course.


The Coach


Coach George Coltharp

Air Raid Certified Coach


Coach George Coltharp, is a National Certified Air Raid Coach and the founder of the 92 Mesh Group, a group of like-minded coaches who are disciples of the Air Raid Offensive system.  Coach Coltharp has 20 years of coaching experience and has been a Varsity Head Football coach for over ten years, as well as a college offensive coordinator.  He has spoken at many clinics and has learned the Air Raid from it originator Coach Hal Mumme and many other "experts".  He played collegiately at Appalachian State University and is currently a doctoral candidate in Curriculum & Instruction at Liberty University.

Ratings and Reviews (13)


I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in switching to the Air Raid or wanting to brush up on their knowledge and learn from someone whole learned directly from Coach Mumme. It’s not just a series of plays, it is a philosophy. Loved the ideas shared on install schedule and practice planning. I’m hooked

Dec 13, 19 10:49 AM

Josiah Reed

WORTH EVERY PENNY! Highly recommended along with his youtube videos/page.

Dec 18, 19 08:08 AM

Dan Woolley

Very good explanation of the basic air raid concepts. As a coach who has little experience with a pass first system, this course does a great job of explaining the base quicks, drop backs, screens and runs of the Air Raid Offense. Would recommend for anyone looking to understand the air raid.

Dec 25, 19 04:47 PM

Ross Woods

Coach Coltharpe does a great job of explaining the Air Raid system the way he does it. He explains it simple enough for someone with no prior experience in the Air Raid to understand, but it still isn't a "dumbed down" version. Very concise videos with plenty of info. Would highly recommend this course.

Jan 2, 20 01:37 PM

Todd Jolly

First things first: This is a lecture driven course. Coach Coltharp is passionate and informative and the lectures cover most of the staple Air Raid plays. The strategy section gave added value to the course as well. What is missing from this course are cutups. However, upon completion of the course, coach offers a $100 off coupon for the Advanced Course which does include cutups.

Jan 11, 20 09:08 AM

Nate Hughes

I changed schools about 4 years ago and they were running a more pro style system. The previous 8 years I had run air raid and absolutely loved it and what it does for a team with lesser talent. At the conclusion of this season our head coach decided we needed to transition to the air raid. Needless to say I was excited but realized I needed to polish my skills and knowledge. That is when I came across the 92 Mesh Group and the Total Air Raid System. It was an affordable way to relearn the air raid and I am extremely happy I did. Great resources and information. Love the YouTube channel too.

Jan 12, 20 10:23 AM

Mike Turso

Coach Coltharp is motivated and eager to share his knowledge of the Air Raid Offense. I found his material easy to understand and well worth the money for the course. Highly recommend!!

Jan 14, 20 04:45 PM


Coach does a great job getting you started in the Air Raid System. Great for new coaches or coaches looking to switch systems

Jan 27, 20 09:48 AM

Jason Cauley

Very detailed, good stuff.

Feb 6, 20 11:37 AM

Christopher Littleton

Great Course

Feb 19, 20 11:30 AM

Ricky Kelly

outstanding material. really informative

Feb 28, 20 01:45 PM


Great course! Already have elements of the air raid in my offense,but it’s awesome to learn more to add more elements in! Will be getting the 2020 Course

Mar 8, 20 10:22 PM

Coach Juan Carlos Lozano

Coach Coltharp does a magnificent job guiding your learning. I purchased this course and the Total Air Raid System 2020: Advance Air Raid as soon as he made them available. It took me until now to get into this one and presently, I am half way through the other. Both are well worth your investment. Furthermore, because they are on CochTube, you can access them any time and get your Reps in. Just like the Air Raid is a Rep Driven system, I believe after completing Coach Coltharp's Air Raid system and the Certification provided by Coach Hal Mumme, I am better prepared, and a better coach to run the Air Raid. #BeTheBestYou! and Like Coach says #SpinItToWinIt!

Mar 29, 20 01:13 AM

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