Using Tempo Efficiently

by Spread-N-Shred
Using Tempo Efficiently


There might not be a better weapon for an offense to use against a defense than Tempo. It can be a great equalizer as well as a massive boost to any offense. But Tempo only is a weapon when it is used correctly. When Tempo is incorporated improperly it can hinder an Offense and create massive issues. That is why we created an all purpose Tempo Course that details every aspect of tempo and how to properly install and execute Tempo to get the most out of it.

Tempo is the rate of play that an Offense utilizes. Remember, it is the Offense that decides what pace the game is played out not the other way around. Through this course you will learn how to master the idea of Tempo. Whether that means going ALL GAS as fast as possible or learning how to manipulate Tempo to always keep the defense guessing. Along with the different styles of Tempo, we will detail how to properly communicate from sideline to the field with several effective strategies to avoid those critical pitfalls. Last, we discuss how Tempo is a Program Decision and how to properly implement it in a practice structure.

Use Tempo to always have control over any situation!


Defining Tempo
1 What is Tempo? 1:53 2 Levels of Tempo 4:42
Utilizing an Up Tempo Approach
3 Reasons to use Up-Tempo 5:22 4 The All Gas Package 1:41 5 Using Nascar Series 4:50 6 Examples of a Nascar Series 5:16 7 Using Buzz Words to go FAST! 1:33 8 How to Create Buzz Words 2:54 9 The Mustache Plumber & His Brother 2:04 10 Using Buzz Words to Incorporate Multiple RPO's 1:48 11 Using Buzz Words to Incorporate Motion 2:30 12 Create a Family to Make it Simple 4:44 13 The Jewelry Family 3:06 14 Example of a Family Package 3:50 15 The Ditto Call 1:31 16 The Xerox Call 1:22
Using a No Huddle Approach
17 Base No Huddle 1:27 18 The Jet Tempo 1:21
Huddles, Muddles, and Turtles
19 Teaching the Muddle 1:54 20 Using a Huddle 2:16 21 The Turtle Tempo 3:10
Red Light, Yellow Light
22 Using Hesitation Calls to Vary your Offense 2:12 23 Red Light Calls 3:27 24 Yellow Light Calls 2:53
Communication is Everything
25 Deciding How You Want to Communicate 2:06 26 How to Use Signals Correctly 3:23 27 How to Decide on your Signals 2:27 28 The Questions You need to Answer for Wrist Bands 1:37 29 Example of a Full Play-Call Wrist Band 2:10 30 Wristband for Specific Assignment 2:06 31 Creating Wristbands for the Offensive Line 1:27 32 Cards for Communication 4:06 33 Pin-Wheel Communication 2:37
How to Practice as a Tempo Team
34 How to Practice with Tempo 2:10 35 Buy In From The Top 2:05 36 Selling it to the Players 2:28 37 Use the Tempo to Your Advantage 2:10 38 How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything 2:45

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Ratings and Reviews (10)

Craig Wilson

Pretty solid intro covering the basics of installing a variable tempo offense.

Nov 23, 20 09:56 AM


Great Detail in this course. Goes over a ton of different types of Tempo. Best Tempo Info that I've seen.

Nov 23, 20 04:59 PM

Kyle Roberts

Came across this on Facebook and I'm really glad I did. We have not been a team that uses Tempo but it is something we wanted to learn more about this Off-Season. This course was just what we needed. Explained everything needed to use tempo and gave some great insights.

Nov 23, 20 08:47 PM

Brian Clark

Really Detailed, good for someone just learning the ins and outs of the Uptempo Offense

Nov 27, 20 04:16 AM

Adam Hass

Great course!

Dec 24, 20 05:00 PM

Jordan Erickson

Very thorough explanation of varying levels of tempo. Great ideas for implementing up tempo strategies at any level.

Feb 20, 21 07:17 AM

Freemont Head Coach

We are a big tempo team and always looking for ways to better use tempo. This course was perfect to find new and creative ideas to incorporate some more tempo. More than that it had some great adjustments to vary up our tempo plan. Solid Course.

Jun 27, 22 04:15 AM

Utavius Ingram

Great Course! Excellent Details!!!

Sep 16, 22 06:41 AM

Rodney Harris

Great course. Covered everything you need to know about implementing Tempo into really any offense.

Nov 11, 22 08:35 AM


We've been a No Huddle team for years and I still learned a ton to streamline and improve our system. Depth, detail, and the "why" make this a great course.

Jun 1, 23 07:21 AM

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