Wide Zone Vol. III: Restraints & Counters

by Spread-N-Shred
Wide Zone Vol. III: Restraints & Counters


The Wide Zone Scheme is nothing new to the football world but in recent years we have seen a huge resurgence in the scheme. Whether it is at the NFL level with teams like the Titans, Packers, and Rams or College Teams such as BYU & Oregon along with High Schools Across America that are implementing the Wide Zone. Teams at all levels are finding that this scheme can yield great results. This Wide Zone creates an efficient offense by cutting down the negative plays while also having the ability to create explosive plays by slicing through an overstretched defense!

Having an effective Base Run Scheme is great, but if you don't have anything to protect it, it won't be effective for long. You need something to keep the defense honest so that they can't overload your bread n' butter. That is why it is always important to have Restraints & Counters off your main scheme. This forces the defense to respect all dimensions of your offense and not allow them to stop your base. All great offenses are built with this system approach, just take a look at Oklahoma and their GT Counter, or how Washington State protects Mesh, and teams like BYU & the Packers protect their Wide Zone. This is with the use of different types of Play-Actions, RPO's, and run counters such as misdirections or reverses. Each one is designed to attack a specific defender that has committed themselves to stopping your Wide Zone Scheme. Once you know they are fully committed you can make them pay with an explosive Counter or Restraint!

But this is only Part III of the three-part series and we highly suggest getting Volume I: Schematics & Volume II: Restraints & Counters of the Wide Zone Scheme in order to get every last ounce of the hottest concept run in football today!


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