Win More Reads

by Luke Hackbarth
Win More Reads


As a QB Coach and OC, It is a constant struggle to battle the changing defensive schemes and WIN MORE READS than you lose throughout the course of a season. I have always been passionate about finding ways to ensure and maximize success at the position of QB. This journey to create a simplified approach started for me as a college QB back in the late 1990s and evolved in my first few years as a Head Coach, QB coach, and OC. This is essentially a structured tool box that I use to determine where to distribute the football within the structure of a concept by taking advantage of a defense and maximizing your vertical and short passing game pre and post snap in a timely and efficient manner. Once your QB understands the route categories, rules, and read process, he should be able to draw up concepts against any coverage and be able to tell you where to distribute the football based on defensive alignment pre and post snap. The following is a PDF of what I created many years ago and has all of the materials to help you immediately categorize routes and concepts and be more productive in your passing game. Many examples are included from diagrams I created and a few college and nfl concepts are included as well. I've put it up against every concept I've seen for many years and it always works itself out based on the rules that I have established within the system. By incorporating this system, I firmly believe that your QB, regardless of talent level can have a chance to be successful. Furthermore, the rookie to long time veteran coach can use it and teach QBs in a concise manner that is effective, efficient, and ultimately highly productive.



The Coach


Luke Hackbarth

Follower of Christ, husband, father, teacher, and coach


DII Quarterback (1997-2001) East Central University

17 years coaching experience in Oklahoma and Alabama. 


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