Healthy Golf #1:
by DrDom Esposito, PhD

Endorsed by "BEN HOGAN"- MD's & DO's! - MUST SEE For New Players or "BACK PAIN" /Maladies Common In Golf!  DrDom's Healthy Golf Swimg System produces a "Consistent Play" "Pain & Injury Free!" See DVDs on SHORT GAME & "SPOT PUTTING" now used worldwide! /// FOR MORE VISIT< HEALTHYGOLF.net > featuring GOLF WINDOW & Hogan's "TWIST"-- Hidden Mechanic In Golf! --"Everybody Wins!"-- In DVD #1 DrDom presents the Medical Model for Healthy Golf, and pin points variables for a solid swing!

Many players start every season with Healthy Golf #1. Players who suffer "Back Pain" can expect permanent relief when practicing DrDom's "Bi-Axis" Medical Model!

drdomgolf DrDom Esposito, PhD HealthyGolf.net / Specialist Ben Hogan /Hogan's Cube / Golf Window/ Hogan's Twist ...More

Former Coach St. John's University, NCAA Golf Team. -- Founder of: SPOT PUTTING; HOGAN's CUBE; GOLF WINDOW ® ; HEALTHY GOLF DVD SERIES; and "HOGAN's TWIST!" -- The "Hidden Rotation" in Golf!

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