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Dom Esposito, PhD

Founder: HOGAN's CUBE; GOLF WINDOW; Grip"45"Diagonal; Convergence; more


DrDom's Healthy Golf "4x4" System promotes a "Cubic Power Swing" that operates Pain & Injury Free! Endorsed by MD's, DO's & BEN HOGAN in 1992. A MUST SEE For Beginners and those with "BACK PAIN" and Other Maladies Common In Golf. DrDom's Courses are factually sound, innovative and a pleasure to watch! (Coach: St. John's University, NCAA Team) ...A VISIT To DrDom's will be rewarded! /HOGAN'S CUBE & GOLF WINDOW® spawns a New Era in Swing Power Science! As DrDom sees it: With Ben Hogan leading the way "EVERYBODY WINS" and your swing remains "Pain & Injury Free!" Also discovered: Ben Hogan "MASTER KEYS" for Reliable Play: Grip "45" Diagonal & Power "45" Convergence! -- True Pioneer In Swing Power Science!