Cheerleading Sideline Dances featuring Coach Linda Rae Chappell

Coach Linda Rae Chappell and the William Jewell College Spirit Team demonstrate several new dances to inspire your squad! The program features seven original 8-count dances. The program teaches and performs each dance to counts so you can plug in your favorites music. Each dance is shown from the front and back to make learning easier and more enjoyable. A great video to help get your season started!

1 Introduction 00:57
2 Cardinal Push 04:49
3 Swing 05:03
4 Anti-Disco 04:12
5 Jewell 06:48
6 T Slap 06:59
7 Spirit 06:52
8 Pop 05:20
9 Closing Comments and Credits 00:30

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Linda Rae Chappell has been coaching amateur and professional cheerleaders and coaches for more than 30 years. She currently owns Spiritworks Cheerleading and Dance, LLC, where she directs summer camps and coaching workshops throughout the mid-west. A published author, college instructor, and NFHS service award winner. Linda has inspired, mentored and energized literally thousands and thousands of people throughout her career.

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