Perfect 10.0 PT Core: Finding Your Inner Core

by Perfect 10.0 PT
Perfect 10.0 PT Core: Finding Your Inner Core


This video is great for gymnast, dancers, cheerleaders, crossfit athletes, and anyone looking to improve their core!

This instructional video on core recruitment by Brandi Smith, PT will help your athlete achieve proper core recruitment to optimize peak performance, enhance shaping, and prevent injury. Proper neuromuscular recruitment and motor sequencing of the abdominals is imperative to initiate the internal abdominal muscles which stabilize the low back. This video includes a step by step progression of abdominal exercises utilizing a manual blood pressure cuff for biofeedback to retrain muscle firing patterns and decrease muscle imbalances. Following this progression will help your athlete achieve the shaping every judge is looking for and help keep their body healthy.

“A strong core is imperative to transfer forces through the body to achieve peak performance...”

“Proper motor sequencing and neuromuscular recruitment is the key to true core initiation...”


The Coach


Perfect 10.0 PT

Physical Therapy & Performance Training


Brandi Smith, PT, FAAOMPT, OCS
Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist
Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist

Owner & Physical Therapist Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy & Performance Training
Brandi is an Athlete Advocate; Coach, Parent, Medical Provider, and Athlete Liaison; Biomechanics Specialist; Micro- drill Instructor; Functional and Sport Movement specialist. 
Brandi is changing the culture of gymnastics by giving coaches direction, athletes a voice, medical providers insight, and parents a choice. Creating a world of people full of dedication, desire, determination, perseverance, strength, inner will, physical abilities, health, wellness, awareness of their body and emotions, inner confidence and courage to speak up for themselves.
* USA Gymnastics Sports Science Educator and Medical Provider
* Two Time USAG Collegiate National Champion gymnast for Texas Woman's University 
* B.S. in Kinesiology at Texas Women's University
* M.S. in Physical Therapy at Texas State University 
* Fellowship trained orthopedic manual physical therapist 
* Board certified orthopedic specialist
* Founder of Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy & Performance Training since 2008
* Medical director at USA Gymnastics National Congress since 2012
* Lecturer:        Gymnastics association of Texas since 2008 
                        Michigan State Congress since 2018
                        Wisconsin State Gymnastics Education since 2018
                        National Congress since 2011 
                        Regional Congress: Region 1, 3, 4, 5, and 8 since 2013
* Medical staff for P&G National Championships in 2017  
* Clinical Expert Contributor - United States Elite Coaching Association Journal since 2015.  
* Internationally Published: Examination and Physical Therapy Management of a Young Gymnast with Bilateral Wrist Pain: A Case Report. - Physical Therapy in Sport September 2017 volume 27 
“Gymnastics and sport has amazing attributes and an opportunity to create amazing contributors to our world. It is a short time in most people's life with a large impact. We have the opportunity to change the world one athlete at a time.” - Brandi Smith

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