Stretching Exercises for Gymnasts

This course will show you great stretches to keep you safe and flexible before getting on the mat.

Perfect10PT Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy & Performance Training

Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy and Performance Training is an all-inclusive injury care and sport specific strength and conditioning program designed to return athletes to their discipline and enhance sport performance. The program was founded by a physical therapist who was a former collegiate gymnast and high school cheerleader. We offer a unique approach to treatment of gymnastic, cheerleading, dance, and other related sports injuries.

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Claire Elliott

Stretches are so important. These are great. Love the form stances at the end too.
Aug 18, 15 12:30 AM


Had no idea that exercise existed for strengthening hip flexers. That was always a weakness of mine. Yay for better kips!
Sep 9, 15 07:14 PM


it was amazing
Apr 2, 17 05:36 PM