10 Second Tune - up Group Training & Coaching

by Warwick Bashford
10 Second Tune - up Group Training & Coaching


Welcome to 10 Second Tune - up Training.

I'm blessed to be recognized as one of the world’s best tennis coaches. Tennis enthusiasts around the globe even surnamed me “Maestro” (master teacher) of tennis coaching and dedication to the principles of commitment and excellence.

I speak, train and coach internationally. In life and in business, I've realized that it only takes a small tweak to make a huge difference. Being a world class tennis and peak performance coach, I have seen first hand how one adjustment can separate a True Champion from a Contender. This is the same for corporations, flights to Hawaii, or anything that is important to us. I have a simple process that can help any group or person excel. In just 10 seconds, imagine your life going in an entire new direction.  

Question: How easy would it be for you to join me now to increase sales performance, enhance ability to perform during organizational change within your corporation, increase retention rates of your valued performers, elevate engagement scores and achieve higher overall job satisfaction by creating a compelling vision for your future?

You see, when you get clear of your own barriers to effortless success, (like eradicating limiting beliefs and decisions, value conflicts, team challenges, negative habits & behaviors) you’ll start making a bigger difference and start really enjoying your own true potential. This could mean a happier and more fulfilled life, more money, better health, great relationships and more freedom.

When you decide to train with me, I expect to see your personal performance & your business results, improve quickly…  

That’s my pledge … the rest is up to you!

In Module 1 you will discover and learn:   ·        
1. To access your limitless potential
2. To perform from objective rather than subjective reality
3. What motivates you emotionally
4. The importance to develop a championship mindset early

In Module 2 you will discover and learn:
1. To embrace relativity
2. The difference between logic vs. emotion
3. To create a winning environment
4. To feed your vision and starve your fear

In Module 3 you will discover and learn:
1. To develop bravery in the battle for your dream
2. To understand the difference between truth vs. fact
3. Why adversity is the true champions breakfast
4. To achieve a world class belief system

Group Training Process
My training process provides economies of scale, providing great content, context and exceptional coaching for a fraction of the cost of one-on one coaching. More structured than a Mastermind Group and much more customized than any Peer Accountability Group, my training process will take your group or sales team to the next level. Program includes 12 - 60 minute sessions over a three month period including workbooks and complete back office support. For a limited time, the 90 day program costs only $479.00/person. That’s a savings of over $720.00/person!

What if I don’t love it?

My 30 Day, 10 Second Tune - up Guarantee! If at any time, during the first 30 days of your coaching, you are unhappy for any reason, simply send me an email: and ask for a full refund! No questions asked! We’ll still part as friends.

Slots are limited so enroll now!


The Coach

WARWICK BASHFORD - Athlete/Trainer/Speaker/Author

What began as a commitment to helping individuals improve their tennis performance, has grown into transforming the qualities of people’s lives, whether it being peak performance athletes, coaches, world class entertainers, teachers, youths, parents and businesses. Warwick Bashford has achieved the kind of worldwide acclaim reserved for only a handful of tennis coaches. He is, quite simply, world class. Warwick has been featured on ABC, NBC and FOX networks, as well as national publications globally. Warwick Bashford is renowned as much for his dedication to the principles of excellence as he is for his tennis coaching accomplishments. He is recognized worldwide as an uncompromising perfectionist who settles for nothing but the best. A visionary and a thought leader, his impeccable set of values, stringent regimen for health and fitness, and insistence on quality, have earned him admiration the world over. Born in South Africa and educated in London, England, Warwick spends his time living between the US and Europe, but still calls South Africa, we he grew up, home.

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