30 Day Meal Planner & Nutrition Challenge

Certified Dietitian Kristen Chang from RealFoodForFuel.com has designed the easy to follow complete 30 Day Meal Plan.  

This 30 Day Meal Planning Bundle could be the most important part of this programIn this bundle you'll have every meal for the full 30 days mapped out for with grocery list for each week and complete recipes for each meal…

You’re also going to have recipe books packed with great tasting, easy to make and healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So you can be sure that each meal is to your liking and go into each week armed with a plan to stay on track.

Kristen also provides you will tips for easy meal prepping, pre and post workout nutrition as well as a list of healthy snacks that you can choose from and keep near by to keep you from caving into the urges to overeat and grab the nearest junk food, when you get hungry.

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Kristen Chang is a Certified Dietitian and owner of RealFoodForFuel.com.  

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