Hip Mobility for Athletes

Hip Opener (22 minutes): A sequence of poses that will open the hips, creating a greater range of motion in your stride, increase athleticism, reduce injuries, and create a true competitive edge for you, as an athlete!

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2 Hip Opener Sequence for Athletes 22:14

JasonPapalio Jason Papalio Athletic Recovery Specialist

Jason Papalio understands the pressures elite athletes place on their bodies. There are personal bests to beat, competitions to train for, and games to win. No doubt these convictions confer strength and vigor to those enduring the nonstop physical hustle of crushing goals and improving oneself. Making time for rest may seem unrealistic. But I’ve learned the hard way the value of a solid recovery program.


Jason Papalio’s customized athletic recovery programs help athletes become more body aware, less susceptible to injury, stronger, and more flexible. When it comes to athletes, one size does not fit all. Programs are built for each athlete for their specific sport and the position they play. After all, a quarterback, a hockey goaltender, and a second baseman all have unique movement patterns and are all at risk of developing different injuries. Jason understands the physical and mental wear and tear athletes endure in their different roles, and develops a tailored athletic recovery plan to help elevate performance and achieve greatness in their game of choice.

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