Lower Body Mobility Course

by Tom Broback
Lower Body Mobility Course


Optimize Movement & Performance Learn from the experts how to assess yourself and address your limitations, so you can maximize your mobility, improve your movement, optimize your performance and decrease pain.


We go above and beyond your typical stretching or mobility program by emphasizing education, providing self assessments, and demonstrating an array of exercises we’ve utilized to benefit clients from professional athletes to weekend warriors. The true beauty of this course is that it can be implemented regardless of your age or activity level. Whether you’re an athlete looking to optimize your performance, an active adult looking to get back to activities you use to enjoy, or somebody who just wants to be able to move without pain – this course is for you! Along with education on mobility, we dive into strength and stability, key functional movements, pain education, and small changes you can make to your daily routine that can make a huge difference! From our years in physical therapy and strength and conditioning, we’ve come to realize, when your hips, ankles and feet move how they were intended to, it greatly reduces your risk of injury, and allows your body as a whole to get stronger and function better.


1 Preview
2 Welcome 2:51 3 Who We Are 2:06 4 Purpose Of Our Course 1:05 5 Bonus: Chasing Symptoms vs. Changing Systems 3:39 6 Worksheet
7 Purpose of Baseline Testing 1:07 8 Pre-Test: Squat 0:44 9 Pre-Test: FABER 0:35 10 Pre-Test: Knee To Wall 0:31 11 Pre-Test: Single Leg Balance 0:41 12 Pre-Test: Subjective Assessment Part I 3:41 13 Pre-Test: Subjective Assessment Part II 1:23
Foot Education
14 Anatomy & Purpose 2:39 15 Mobility, Strength & Balance 1:50 16 Barefoot vs Shoes 1:54
Foot Exercises
17 Lacrosse Ball Rollout 0:34 18 Active Big Toe Extension 0:10 19 Short Foot 0:10 20 Toe Splays 0:10 21 Other 4 Toes Active Extension 0:08 22 Toe Interlace Stretch 0:15 23 Midfoot Self Mobilization 0:12 24 Lacrosse Ball on Calf 0:16 25 Ankle Dorsiflexion Self Mobilization 0:14 26 Ankle Plantarflexion Stretch 0:10 27 Lacrosse Ball on Shin 0:23 28 Toga 0:34
Hip Education
29 Anatomy 3:35 30 Dysfunction 3:44 31 Solution 2:47 32 Key Functional Movements 5:45
Hip Exercises
33 Squat (Movement) 0:13 34 Squat (Position) 0:15 35 Baby Squat 0:35 36 Tempo Squat 0:51 37 Hip Hinge 0:18 38 Hip Hinge - Loaded 0:16 39 Hip Hinge - Inline 0:17 40 Hip Hinge - Single Leg 0:22 41 Hip Hinge - Loaded Single Leg 0:21 42 Hip Extension Self Mobilization 0:16 43 Hip Opener- Single Leg Extension 0:17 44 Single Leg Hip Opener With Abduction 0:11 45 Single Leg Hip Opener With External Rotation 0:17 46 Hip Mobilization - Rocking Frog 0:36 47 Hip Mobilization - 90-90 Rotation 0:15 48 Hip Activation 90-90 Rotation Foot Elevated 0:14 49 Hip Activation 90-90 Rotate Back Leg 0:11 50 Single Leg Balance - Partner Toss 0:11
51 Post-Test: Squat 0:44 52 Post-Test: FABER 0:35 53 Post-Test: Knee To Wall 0:31 54 Post-Test: Single Leg Balance 0:41
55 Health & Wellness 1:05 56 Training 1:37 57 2 Week Challenge
Thank You!!!
58 Thank You!!! 0:38

The Coach


Tom Broback

Grow Your mind, Optimize Performance, Change Your system


Tom Broback is a physical therapist and strength & conditioning specialist in Minnesota. A lifelong athlete, Tom continues to develop his passion and knowledge of sports performance through a dedicated effort of research, commitment and experimentation. Tom co-founded Bold Base Performance with Brad to create a platform to share their knowledge and experience in rehab, fitness, exercise and sports performance. He wants parents, coaches, athletes and trainers to feel empowered in their decision making and confident that they are doing the most efficient and effective things. Tom is passionate about optimizing the pillars of performance so athletes can reach untapped levels of athleticism and be successful in sport and in life. His ultimate goal is to provide the next generation of athletes the resources on how to exercise, think, eat and sleep in order to maximize their potential.


Brad is a physical therapist, orthopedic specialist, and strength & conditioning specialist in Minnesota. He owns the Minnesota branch of Better Faster Stronger Science - a national amateur athletic testing organization that uses sport science technology to assess player’s limitations and specific needs to unlock their athletic potential. Brad co-founded Bold Base with Tom because through his time working with hundreds of clients, he became increasingly passionate about other aspects of sport performance including nutrition, sleep, stress management, recovery and breathing. These have been coined the “Pillars of Performance” as they combine to build the entire foundation for athletic success. Brad’s goal is to create revolutionary change for athletes by providing the resources he wishes he had growing up that would have changed not only his performance, but his overall health.

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