StrongStride is a video workout program that incorporates Pilates and strength training moves to prevent injuries in runners by strengthening the hips, glutes, and core. The stress of running therefore goes to these areas instead of the legs, reducing you risk of overuse injuries. Also, developing a strong body allows your stride to maintain proper alignment and control. StrongStride will keep you running strong and injury free. This fitness course is over 2 hours long and is divided into different sections so you can work the whole body for an hour, or just choose to work one muscle group for ten minutes after a run. It is designed specifically for runners and even includes a great dynamic warm-up that you can do before each run. [You will need dumbbells and a resistance band to do the strength training sections.]

StrongStride Lisa Watson Founder of Strong Stride

Strong Stride is a health and fitness company created by Lisa Watson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The main focus of the company is to help runners and athletes stay strong and injury-free through specific cross training and proper nutrition. Lisa was motivated to develop this philosophy through her own frequent running injuries. While studying to be a personal trainer, she discovered that many runners needed to focus not only on running, but also on injury prevention through cross training. Less running, eliminating “junk miles” and spending additional time and effort strengthening the entire body make for a stronger runner and a more fit and healthy person overall. This applies to all athletes, but was developed with a focus on runners.

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