I Can`t...Catch...My Breath. Simple Breathing Drills For Athletes.

by Tom Broback
I Can`t...Catch...My Breath. Simple Breathing Drills For Athletes.


I Can't Catch My Breath is a simple, effective presentation to educate you on how to incoporate breathing drills with your athletes. In this presentation, you will learn 3 simple things most people are doing wrong that is impacting their breathing. You will also learn 4 simple breathing drills to use before, during and after workouts. Finally, you will understand the benefits of adding breathing drills to your practice or workout.

As an added bonus, there is a breathing drills guide and a breath hold tracker guide (both available for download and your use) for you and your athletes.

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Tom Broback

Grow Your mind, Optimize Performance, Change Your system


Tom is a physical therapist and strength & conditioning specialist in Minnesota. A lifelong athlete, Tom continues to develop his passion and knowledge of sports performance through a dedicated effort of research, commitment and experimentation. Tom co-founded Bold Base Performance to create a platform to share his knowledge and experience in rehab, fitness, exercise and sports performance. He wants parents, coaches, athletes and trainers to feel empowered in their decision making and confident that they are doing the most efficient and effective things. Tom is passionate about optimizing the pillars of performance so athletes can reach untapped levels of athleticism and be successful in sport and in life. His ultimate goal is to provide the next generation of athletes the resources on how to exercise, think, eat and sleep in order to maximize their potential.

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