This is a 4 Week Free Course Designed to Help Increase your Jumping Power and Increase yorr Vertical. 

This is meant for all sports. There are lots of speed camps, jumping camps, and performance camps out there. Often times, there is no rhyme or reason to the selection of exercises. You see it all the time. Athletes sweating, throwing up, being help up by the wall or have to keep their hands on their knees. You are left crushed, and broken down after an hour of jumping drills. You muscles are broken down which leads to a decrease in performance, and a decrease in your vertical. But, you did sweat and almost threw up though...That will not increase your vertical!

This program contains a 3 days a week lifting program, dynamic warmup options, mobility, strength, and plyometrics.

You will receive a video library link with video of all the exercises found within the program. 

1 Vertical Gains PDF
Intro and Thank You
About Nick Esposito
What is Esposito Strength Club
How This will Increase Your Vertical
What is Jumping?
How To Follow the Workout
Links to Library and More
Warm Up Importance
Rest Periods
The Workout
Conditioning Options

EspositoStrength Nick Esposito Esposito Strength Club LLC

Nick Esposito is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine; The NASM Certified Personal Trainers’ Program is considered one of the top programs in the fitness field.  

Nick has increased his knowledge in the field by studying under some of the most prestigious strength coaches and companies in the field, including Mike Boyle (Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning), Eric Cressey (Eric Cressey Sports Performance), and EXOS Human Performance, and MovNat.

Along with being a NASM-CPT, Nick is certified to perform Functional Movement Screens (FMS), which allows him to score individuals in a simple way to determine if their movement patterns are optimal, acceptable, or dysfunctional. 

Nick’s vast knowledge has been put on display as he presents at National Strength & Conditioning Association seminars, schools, and team programs. He is constantly learning by talking to other trainers in the field, reading books and articles. Nick regularly attends workshops and seminars to stay up to date to provide the highest level of service he can. 

Nick combines all of his skills and knowledge to create the best possible programs for his clients to enhance their training sessions, and ultimately their performance.

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Terrence Staples Sr.

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