Welcome to the Evolution of Running with Coach Mierke

Evolution Running® is a system for teaching runners efficient and injury-reducing techniques.  Using Coach Ken Mierke’s system, hundreds of runners have shown dramatic improvement!

  • Expend less energy to run fast

  • Begin using your body’s natural shock absorption

  • Distribute running workload optimally to avoid fatigue in any one muscle group

  • Minimize vertical displacement

  • Avoid “braking” with each step

  • Utilize elastic recoil for “free speed”

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CoachMierke CoachMierke

Coach Mierke is the founder of Evolution Running and has coached all runners from beginners to professionals. He has a B.S. Exercise Physiology, minors in nutrition, biology, psychology. Mierke is also a two-time I.T.U. World Triathlon Champion. 
Ken has coached:
- 6 World Champions
- 16 National Champions
- 28 Team USA Members
- Male and Female Hawaii Ironman age group podium finishers

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