How to Play Hockey Module 1: Critical Terminology

by Nathan Leslie
How to Play Hockey Module 1: Critical Terminology


Master the tactics of hockey with our 20 week program.  Get started now with Module 1: Hockey Terminology.
The goal of this module is to create a progression in learning from A to Z. There are great sections in this module that will build your technical hockey vocabulary. Learning the international language of hockey is paramount in expanding your overall game understanding and communicating with players and coaches. If the odd term seems slightly simple, don't worry, there is tons of technical content as well.  

Terminology defined (examples):

passing lanes, shooting lanes, support, active stick, head on a swivel, offensive support, defensive support, strong side, weak side, quick up, wheel, reverse, inside out, cut the ice in half, backside pressure,  flat skating, timing, pinch, stagger, PSA, lanes, seams, quiet zones, headman, overlap, give and go, cycling, inside, outside, up ice, down ice, backside pressure, back door, and many more.  If you know them all, you know the game!

The goal of this course is to create a progression in learning from A to Z, from Module 1 to 5, but feel free to pick and choose the modules you need the most.
We built the curriculum step by step, teaching first the terminology, then explore every zone of the ice, from defensive, to neutral, and on to offensive zone without, then with the puck.  Our final module teaches powerplay and penalty killing systems.  Get started now!






Module 1: Hockey Basics and Terminology
1 Module 1: Introduction 1:00 2 Whiteboard Symbols 1:49
Module 1.1: Areas of the Ice
3 1.1.1: Areas of the Ice 2:06 4 1.1.2: Prime Scoring Area 1:50 5 1.1.3: Lanes 3:17 6 1.1.4: Seams 2:49 7 1.1.5: Quiet Zones 2:07
Module 1.2: Tactical Terminology
8 1.2.1: Transition 1:45 9 1.2.2: Defensive and Offensive Support 2:20 10 1.2.3: Puck Protection 2:19 11 1.2.4: Pinch and Stagger 2:56 12 1.2.5: Active Stick-Shoulder Checks-Head on a Swivel 3:23 13 1.2.6: Flat Skating 3:12 14 1.2.7: Timing 3:15
Module 1.3: Fundamental Skill Tips
15 1.3.1: Skill Tip: Skating: How to Crossover 1:01 16 1.3.2: Skill Tip: Basic Stickhandling 0:52 17 1.3.3: Skill Tip: How to Roof a Puck 0:40 18 1.3.4: Skill Tip: How to Set up a One Timer 1:00 19 1.3.5: Skill Tip: How to Take a One Timer 0:46 20 1.3.6: Skating: Forward to Backward Pivots 1:44 21 1.3.7: Skating: Forward to Backward to Forward Pivots 1:47 22 1.3.8: Skating: Open Mohawk Turns with Puck 1:25 23 1.3.9: Skating: Puck Separation Teaching Spacial Awareness and Area Passes 1:19 24 1.3.10: Skating: Keep it on the Forehand Puck Skills 1:47 25 1.3.11: Skating: Punch Turns: Sharper Than a Tight Turn 1:20
Module 1.4: Passing Tactics
26 1.4.1: Headman Pass 2:04 27 1.4.2: Back Pass 1:48 28 1.4.3: Overlap-Follow your Pass 1:48 29 1.4.4: Drop Pass in all 3 Zones 2:38 30 1.4.5: Give and Go 1:01 31 1.4.6: Cycling 3:51
Module 1.5: Passing Videos
32 1.5.1: Skill Tip: How to Receive a Rim Pass 1:00 33 1.5.2: Skill Tip: How to Saucer Pass 0:45

The Coach


Nathan Leslie

Director of Leslie Global Sports


Become a Hockey Expert Now.

  • Do you want to master the tactics of hockey?
  • Do you wish you understood the game better?
  • Are you tired of endless Youtube & Google searches for hockey tactics?
  • Stop!  

My 10 years of professional hockey and 10 years as a hockey development expert and coaching mentor to hundreds of coaches and thousands of players are jam packed into this member site so that you can stop your endless searching.  I have a Masters Degree in Education and have been a teacher.  I believe every hockey coach is a teacher first.  As a professional player in the Swiss A League and other European leagues I really needed to understand the game from the inside out to stay competitive.  Now I have the chance to share it all with you in this course.  To learn more about us visit Leslie Global Sports @

More on Nate: 
Nate has a Masters Degree of International Education from Madrid, Spain, speaks German, Swiss German, & French, and played 7 years of professional hockey in Europe. Nate is the owner of Leslie Global Sports and the Director of the West Coast Hockey Prep Camp and recently returned from filming a hockey documentary in Mongolia. Leslie Global Sports & LGS America run hockey camps, skill development, and coaching mentorship programs in Vancouver, Port Alberni, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Whistler, Squamish, Victoria, The Richmond Olympic Oval, Baltimore, New York City, Queens, Washington DC, Queenstown, New Zealand, Budapest, Hungary & Mongolia. In Vancouver, Nate instructs hockey academies at Earl Marriott, Semiahmoo, Britannia, & Sentinel Secondary Schools.  

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