Allen Fitzpatrick's Skills & Drills for Lacrosse

Want to elevate your lacrosse game? Allen Fitzpatrick demonstrates how you can improve your performance on the field by in this detailed overview of his game-proven training plan. The skills and drills featured in this instructional video course will benefit lacrosse players from the youth level all the way to the college level.

Course contents:

- Lacrosse Equipment Overview
- Lacrosse Stick Skills
- Lacrosse Passing
- Lacrosse Ground Ball Skills
- Lacrosse Shooting
- Lacrosse Defense
- Lacrosse Drills
- Lacrosse Rules

AllenFitzpatrick Allen Fitzpatrick Head Boys' Lacrosse Coach at Lawrenceville School, N.J

Allen Fitzpatrick is the longtime head boys' lacrosse coach at the Lawrenceville School in Lawrenceville, N.J., where in 2008 his team won its seventh consecutive state Prep ‘A’ championship. Fitzpatrick holds the single season assist record at Middlebury College (50) and was second in Division II scoring his senior year (1978) with 84 points.

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