Boys' Lacrosse Drills & Tips Video Library

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Boys' Lacrosse Drills & Tips Video Library


Our coaches cover all aspects of the game as they share over 100 lacrosse drills and tips videos developed specifically for youth players. The Boys’ Lacrosse Drills and Tips Library gives parents, coaches, and team volunteers everything they need to teach boys’ lacrosse like a pro.


Lacrosse Equipment
1 Lacrosse Equipment: Equipment Overview 2 Lacrosse Equipment: Sticks, Helmets and Pads 3 Lacrosse Equipment: Lacrosse Shoes
Lacrosse Stick Skills
4 Lacrosse Stick Skills: Stick Handling 5 Lacrosse Stick Skills: How to Catch a Lacrosse Ball 6 Lacrosse Stick Skills: How to Cradle 7 Lacrosse Stick Skills: Triple Threat Position 8 Lacrosse Stick Skills: How to Protect the Ball 9 Lacrosse Stick Skills: One-Armed Cradle 10 Lacrosse Stick Skills: Stick Protection 11 Lacrosse Stick Skills: Your Stick 12 Lacrosse Tricks: Stick Tricks 13 Lacrosse Stick Skills: Stick Handling Tip
Lacrosse Passing
14 Lacrosse Tips: Passing Mechanics 15 Lacrosse Tips: Basic Passing Technique 16 Lacrosse Tips: How to Receive a Pass 17 Lacrosse Tips: Passing on the Run 18 Lacrosse Tips: Understanding Passing Lanes
Lacrosse Ground Ball Skills
19 Lacrosse Tips: How to Scoop Ground Balls 20 Lacrosse Tips: Ground Balls in Traffic 21 Lacrosse Tips: Protect and Win a Groundball 22 Lacrosse Tips: Switch Hands on Ground Balls
Lacrosse Moves and Dodges
23 Lacrosse Moves: The Roll Dodge 24 Lacrosse Moves: The Split Dodge 25 Lacrosse Moves: Split Dodge for Midfielders 26 Lacrosse Moves: Split Roll Dodge 27 Lacrosse Moves: The Face Dodge 28 Lacrosse Moves: Face Dodge on Goal Line 29 Lacrosse Moves: Dodge From Behind the Net 30 Lacrosse Moves: Dodge Skills 31 Lacrosse Moves: The Question Mark Move 32 Lacrosse Moves: The Rocker Dodge Part 1 33 Lacrosse Moves: The Rocker Dodge, Part 2 34 Lacrosse Moves: Beat Defender Behind Goal 35 Lacrosse Moves: Changing Planes
Lacrosse Shooting
36 Lacrosse Shooting: Shooting Mechanics 37 Lacrosse Shooting: Basics of the Lacrosse Shot 38 Lacrosse Shooting: Become an Accurate Shooter 39 Lacrosse Shooting: Shooting on the Run 40 Lacrosse Shooting: Shooting From In Close 41 Lacrosse Shooting: Dive and Shoot
Lacrosse Defense
42 Lacrosse Defense: How to Play One-on-One Defense 43 Lacrosse Defense: Basic Checking Explained 44 Lacrosse Defense: The Basic Hold Check 45 Lacrosse Defense: The Poke Check 46 Lacrosse Defense: The Slap Check
Lacrosse Goalie Skills
47 Lacrosse Goalie: The Basic Stance 48 Lacrosse Goalie: How to Stop a High Shot 49 Lacrosse Goalie: Pole Position with Clock Method 50 Lacrosse Goalie: Top Hand Meets Ball Drill 51 Lacrosse Goalie: Top-Hand Catch Drill
Lacrosse Face Offs
52 Lacrosse Face-Off: How to Take a Face-Off 53 Lacrosse Face-Off: Two Winning Face-Off Techniques
Lacrosse Drills
54 Lacrosse Drills: Scooping Drill 55 Lacrosse Drills: Ground Ball Drill 56 Lacrosse Drills: Quick Hands Drill 57 Lacrosse Drills: Wall Drills 58 Lacrosse Drills: Basic Shooting Drill 59 Lacrosse Drills: Overhand Shooting Drill 60 Lacrosse Drills: Shoot on the Run Drill 61 Lacrosse Drills: Partner Passing Drill 62 Lacrosse Drills: The Gauntlet

The Coach

Matt Ward, a three-time All-American at the University of Virginia, was Major League Lacrosse's Rookie of the Year with the Baltimore (now Washington) Bayhawks in 2006. At Virginia, Ward led the Cavaliers to the 2003 and 2006 NCAA men's lacrosse championships. As a senior, he won the Tewaaraton Trophy, an award given to the top American college lacrosse player. 

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