Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual

by Matthew Van Dyke
Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual


All performance coaches have one ultimate desire, to create the ultimate athlete. One that is powerful, yet resilient according to the physical demands of lacrosse. The Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual was created to allow optimal performance to be achieved in the sport of lacrosse from a physical preparation standpoint. Lacrosse, due to its fast-paced and physical gameplay, requires all competitors to achieve a high-level of proficiency in many skills. The authors have taken the physical requirements of lacrosse and broken them into six “physical performance qualities”. These six qualities cover each of the energy systems within every person, and also three qualities aimed at improving force levels. In order to display the physical proficiency required by a lacrosse athlete, each of these six physical qualities must be appropriately trained. The Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual not only incorporates these six qualities in training, but also includes many other training principles. These other principles, which must all be considered in a successful lacrosse training program, include quality versus capacity training, injury prevention, specifically glute functioning through the introduction of the newly developed “glute layering system”, multi-dimensional training, and specific energy system and biomechanical training required in lacrosse. The Block Training, Modified Undulated Training, High-Quality, and Triphasic Muscle Action Training Models are all described fully and are demonstrated in the importance of an athlete to maximize their rate of force development (RFD), which is one of the most important skills a lacrosse player can demonstrate. RFD is critical in lacrosse as it is not necessarily the strongest athlete that comes out on top, but the one who is capable of applying the greatest amount of force in the short amount of time available.


The Coach


Matthew Van Dyke

Associate Director of Sport Performance at the University of Denver


Matt Van Dyke

Matt Van Dyke is the Associate Director of Sports Performance at the University of Denver where he is responsible for designing and implementing performance training for men’s lacrosse, alpine ski, volleyball, and swimming.

Prior to his position with Denver, Matt was the Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports at the University of Minnesota. Matt completed his Graduate Assistantship at St. Cloud State University, where he earned his Masters of Science in exercise physiology and nutrition in 2015.

Matt completed internships with Iowa State and the University of Minnesota under Yancy McKnight and Cal Dietz, respectively.

Matt most recently released the Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual, presented at the 2015 CSCCa National Conference on Advanced Triphasic Training Methods, while also writing for his professional website

Matt is certified by the CSCCa (SCCC). He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science from Iowa State University in 2012.

Ratings and Reviews (21)


Matt Van Dyke has put together an unbelievable resources for coaches and athletes. The information described within the manual exposes individuals to advanced performance based concepts while keeping the information easy to understand for the everyday reader. I highly recommend this book as it explores the physical qualities of elite lacrosse athletes and sets up a highly organized system of physical development.

Nov 1, 16 10:59 PM


Coach Van Dyke does an outstanding job of outlining a training methodology and program which is geared towards lacrosse athletes, but is equally valuable for all team sport athletes. The Triphasic model is a scientifically sound training philosophy which yields measurable results. I highly recommend this manual, as Coach Van Dyke simplifies a complex topic, and offers real world, practical applications which can and should be used by any athlete looking to develop and maximize their athletic potential.

Nov 2, 16 01:39 PM


Through the Triphasic Lacrosse Training model, I was able to get in the best physical shape in my life. I have been playing lacrosse for 19 years and after completing through this training method I had the best season I have ever had. After enduring 4 surgeries in 11 months, I was able to return to playing professional lacrosse. I was even named an All-Star and even went on to win the 2016 MLL Championship while being named the Championship game MVP. The lacrosse specific is unlike anything I have ever experienced and will recommend it to any coach and player at any level.

Nov 2, 16 10:20 PM

Robert Kirkland

Total game changer! Coach Van dyke and coach Dietz have teamed up to put together a training manual that addresses the needs of lacrosse players! This is a must have for any coach that works with lacrosse athletes!

Nov 3, 16 12:55 AM

Brijesh Patel

This is by far one of the most comprehensive training manuals for any sport that I have ever seen. Triphasic for Lacrosse goes over the science and the application for year round training for the elite lacrosse athlete. The system has proven over and over again how powerful it is and effective it is for preparing for your upcoming season. Do yourself a favor and invest in this course!

Nov 3, 16 01:18 AM

Chris Jarmon

After reading this book, I am confident it is one of the best blueprints in existence for training elite level athletes. The author has compiled today's most advanced scientific methods of training, and has done so in a way that is easy to comprehend and can be applied to any sport. I highly recommend this resource to any strength and conditioning professional looking to further their knowledge of sport science and advanced training concepts.

Nov 8, 16 07:57 PM


Having been fortunate enough to work with and learn from Coach Van Dyke over the previous two summers, I have witnessed first hand the scientific and systematic principles that underlie his training philosophy. This manual not only gives an in depth description and explanation into these principles and philosophies, but does so in a understandable and applicable manner. Coach Van Dyke has played a crucial role in my development and growth as a young coach, and I believe this manual is a must have for any other young coaches looking to further their education and development!

Nov 8, 16 08:38 PM


Coach Van Dyke has assembled a book that is a must have for any professional working not only with lacrosse athletes, but any team sport. The Triphasic Training programs have time and time again produced positive adaptations in physical qualities that are second to none, and this lacrosse manual takes those results to the next level. I highly recommend this book for any coach that is looking to maximize the training of their athletes and help them achieve their full potential.

Nov 14, 16 04:26 PM


Matt Van Dyke did an excellent job at laying out a holistic approach to training an athlete and team. This book was written for lacrosse but can be utilized by coach or athlete training for any sport. Matt consistently presents very advanced training concepts to be more easily understood by any level of reader, just like he does in his other manuals. I would highly recommend the Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual to anyone in any sport that would like to get that edge over their opponents.

Nov 14, 16 06:47 PM


As an athletic trainer who works with Matt Van Dyke on a daily basis I have seen this system fully implemented with our athletes and the immense benefits it has provided them. The scientific approach developed throughout this manual has made our athletes stronger, faster, and more dynamic while also drastically reducing our injury rates. This manual explains the science behind this system in a very accessible manner and is a phenomenal resource for any strength coach trying to improve their knowledge base as well as the outcomes of their athletes and teams.

Nov 14, 16 08:08 PM


Matt Van Dyke has put together an unbelievable training manual that can be used to train not only Lacrosse athletes but athletes in general. Within this manual you will learn how Coach Van Dyke uses a systematic training approach to reduce injuries, improve training performance and unlock the true athletic potential in his Lacrosse players. This manual is a must have and you will blown away with the amount of training content that Coach Van Dyke has included in this manual! I highly recommend this training manual to any coach, performance coach, or athlete!

Nov 15, 16 03:35 AM


The Triphasic LAX manual is an excellent tool for Lacrosse players and team sport athletes alike. The system is put together strategically to elicit specific adaptations while minimizing injuries and incorrect firing patterns. This manual is great for any sport coach or performance coach looking for a comprehensive approach to training.

Nov 19, 16 06:20 PM


The Triphasic Training Lacrosse Manual is a great resource not only for those strength coaches who work with or specialize in training lacrosse players, but is a must own for any strength coach, regardless of the sports they work with. The information covered in this book can be applied to any sport or any type of athlete, given its detailed explanation of how to train the energy systems to reach optimal results. It also gives a great overview of the Triphasic Training method, for those who might not be familiar with it. Finally, it contains information regarding the Reflex Performance Reset system and the newly added Glute Layering Model, which are simply put, game changers in the field of sports performance, helping to not only keep injuries to a minimum, but increase in-game performance as well.

Nov 22, 16 04:30 PM


Great tools for applying

Nov 24, 16 02:04 AM

Jevon Bowman

Book is well written by a coach that truly understands the body and how it is supposed to work. The detail in the demands of the sport, and body are great. This book has everything you need to build a great program in general!

Nov 30, 16 07:40 PM

Lauren Vander Mel

This manual not only provides the "how," but more importantly, it provides the in depth "why" for everything that is explained. It is an excellent learning tool and is made understandable for the new and developing coach as well as the veteran coach. This manual is definitely applicable to other sports, not just lacrosse.

Dec 1, 16 02:04 PM

Richard Spence

This is a excellent book for everyone in the world of sport. As a strength and conditioning coach the methods in this book has changed the way I approach training my athletes and myself. I highly recommend reading "Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual" even if you don't play or coach lacrosse, the concepts written applies to all sports with repeat max sprint efforts. Best purchase I've made. Kudos to Cal Dietz also! Coach Rich College of San Mateo Strength and Conditioning Jumps Coach Lick-Wilmerding High School

Mar 13, 17 04:06 AM


This manual is an excellent resource for those looking to apply the Triphasic model to their lacrosse athletes, as well as those simply looking to expand their knowledge regarding Triphasic training. The descriptions of residual training effects, as well as the explanations of energy system development as it relates to the sport of lacrosse were just two of the topics that I found extremely beneficial as a strength and conditioning coach. I would recommend this manual to anyone looking to improve the athletic performance of lacrosse players as it is not only includes highly effective training programs, but is also presented for readers to understand and apply, regardless of their experience in the field/with this specific type of training.

May 2, 17 11:46 PM


Great read for coaches of any sport.

Feb 28, 18 08:44 PM

Andrew Cormier

Coach Van Dyke put together a fully comprehensive resource for any coach or athlete. It not only provides the specifics training for Lacrosse, but the broad spectrum of what needs to be looked at for all sports.

May 17, 18 10:25 AM


great manual

Nov 1, 18 05:12 PM

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