The Shield Defense System for All MMA Fighters

The shield defense system is a cutting edge method to obtaining a well rounded effective defensive skill set for MMA fighting.The concept of the shield is to use a powerful emergency maneuver to portect your vital targets from an attack, thus creating an obstruction for your opponent to strike or slam against without being able to harm you in the process. Traditional boxing defense skills such as bobbing, weaving and evasive footwork can't be your only reliable forms of defense in MMA competition.These simply will not work in most MMA uniformed training strategies because of the chaotic exchanges of erratic striking and grappling that happen in MMA. You must have effective blocking and covering skills to stop close range swarmming and unpredictable attacks.This is especially important if your opponent is quick and doesn't telegraphic, and is very aggressive. The shield is the only option under these conditions.There are many variations of the shielding theme so pay close attention and enjoy!.

1 The Origin of the Shield 04:28
Chapter 1. Defining Forms of Defense
2 Blocking versus Shielding 10:00
Chapert 2. Common Mistakes Made in MMA Defense
3 Controlling the Time- Distance Variable 10:43
4 Definition of Shielding 07:54
Chapter 3. Ineffective Shielding Applications
5 Common Mistakes when Shielding 05:35
6 Applications of Shielding Mistakes 03:19
Chapter 4. Deploying the Shield
7 Shielding Drills with a Partner 07:54
Chapter 5. Counter Attacking from Shield
8 Understanding The Line of Force 17:29
9 Drilling Shield and Countering with Partner 26:58
10 Economy of Motion and the Focus of Force 20:31
Chapter 6. Shield Varations
11 Shielding Your Body 01:05
12 Drilling the Body Shield Application 19:26
Chapter 7. The Single Arm Shield
13 Drilling the Single Arm Shield 11:35
Chapter 8. Grappling and Take down Defense
14 The Ram Shield 39:41
15 Credits 00:45

ralten Rich Alten A Comprehensive Cutting Edge Innovative MMA System to Improve all Fighters Knowledge Base and Skills

22 years of  training, coaching, field testing and fighting experience

Amateur boxing champion

8 years Pro MMA (#3 ranked in Arizona)

Studied over 12 styles of interpersonal combat

Law enforcement defensive tactics advisor

Expertise in:

NASM (national academy of sports medicine)






MMA Strength N Conditioning 

Posture/ functional movements 



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This is probably the best value of any martial arts training one could possibly get for 5$. Its very applicable via video training and it's breakthrough information. I have never heard anything like this from an martial arts school. To be honest I feel like I have Been cheated all these years! I fight in a cage on a monthly basis with the risk of getting pummeled and to me it's like all the coaches I have had up until now we're letting me go to war with no tools! I feel like they should be ashamed. All in all I highly recommend especially if you think you are an mma fighter.
Jan 4, 17 11:34 PM