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Rich Alten

A Comprehensive Cutting Edge Innovative MMA System to Improve all Fighters Knowledge Base and Skills


MMA Fighting Coach and Sports Performance Coach with over 23 years of martial arts skills , health, wellness and athletic performance. Possess proven track record in helping individuals to be inspired and achieving their personal and fitness goals through my innovative and integrated functional human movement systems. I am consistently improving the martial arts industry, developing new concepts while helping athletes reach their goals quicker and easier.

Rich has spent most of his life practicing, studying and field testing many interpersonal combative concepts in order to figure out and express the most effective skill sets possible for MMA and real fighting. Since the birth and popularity of MMA and how it has become the main stream media of martial arts expression Rich has exposed and came to the conclusion that MMA fighting has developed a very limited perspective on understanding and recognizing high levels of combat skills vs artless trends of entertainment. Therefore Rich's passion sole focus is on improving the sport of MMA by uncovering the negativity the sport has placed on real martial arts skills and behavior. Train intentionally NOT habitually and trendy...