The Ten Important Strikes You Must Master for MMA

Learn The ten most important strikes that should be mastered for MMA. These striking techniques have been modified specifically to be more adaptable to mixed martial arts competitions, and under the unified rules. This course also covers the important global principles that make up an effective strike and striking system. Regardless of your gender, weight class or style of fighting, the physics and science of these tactics and techniques can help anyone become a more well rounded MMA striker very quickly.

1 Introduction: The Ten Most important Strikes Needed For MMA 08:10
Chapter One: The Lead Straight Speed Strike
2 The Lead Straight Speed Strike Theory 05:42
3 Understanding The Global Principles For an Effective Strike 10:11
4 Applying The Global Principles 04:17
5 Positional Striking Concepts 04:10
6 Stop Hitting With The Speed Strike 08:30
Chapter Two: The Rear Straight Power Strike
7 The Rear Straight Power Strike 07:48
8 Understanding Vector Striking 02:41
9 Positional Striking Concepts 01:58
10 Striking From The Ground 04:57
11 Summary of Linear Strikes 05:16
Chapter Three: Circular Strikes
12 The Detouring Hook 23:41
Chapter Four: Extension Strikes
13 The Chopping Hammerfist 16:45
Chapter Five: The Shovel Uppercut
14 The Shovel Uppercut 22:11
Chapter Six: Close Range Strikes
15 The Forward Elbow Strike 12:34
16 The Ram Shield 16:08
17 The Forward Knee Smash 36:20
Chapter Seven: Linear Kicking
18 The Thrust Kick 18:26
Chapter Eight: Circular Kicking
19 The Chopping Round Kick 11:50
20 Ending and Thank You 01:06

ralten Rich Alten A Comprehensive Cutting Edge Innovative MMA System to Improve all Fighters Knowledge Base and Skills

 I am one of the few MMA coaches that has stepped outside the traditional and common forms of mixed martial training regimes, and discovered a detailed comprehensive dynamic method to improving MMA striking techniques. I greatly believe that martial arts should be approached first and foremost from the correct applications of physics and body mechanics. Regardless of what style(s) you study. I believe you should study concepts before techniques as a base for quicker understanding, and learning.the technical applications of all techniques first.
I have study many styles of combat such as western and European boxing, Wing Chun, Jeet Kun Do, Shotokan karate, American Kenpo, Mauy That, Taekwondo, Jun Fan Gung Fu, along with many others.   

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