How to Build Mental Toughness

by David Sammel
How to Build Mental Toughness


In this course we are going to show you how to build mental toughness and give you the tools to implement.

  • Be sure to watch the webinar first.
  • Then go through each lesson of the course. Certain lessons are also accompanied by learning activities, in the form of a quiz, toolkit, or self-reflection activity in pdf form which you will be able to download as additional resources.

Each learning activity is designed to consolidate and extend your learning, and to apply the principles covered to your context and needs. In order to get the most out of this course.

I strongly encourage you to watch the webinar first and then complete all the activities, you can download the activities on your right where it says Downloads


The Coach

David Sammel is a respected and successful coach. A leader who possesses both vision and charisma, he has coached several high-performance individuals and teams, delivering tangible results. 

A tennis coach of thirty years he has coached dozens of players to represent their countries in international team competitions and the Olympics. His holistic approach has led to specialist knowledge in advising coaches, college, and pro-teams to negotiate the difficult road from junior to college to the pinnacle of the pros. All this expertise is captured in his new online program, Mindset College. These are the best courses on mental skills to help coaches affordably create a winning environment. 

Mindset College programs are not an instead of for coaches but rather an as well as approach, helping coaches add to and refine skills to deliver effective messages. 

David’s key ability is taking great research and translating this into easily understandable tools that guarantee improvements in the mind. Apart from his vast experience, he is still an active coach on tour. Coaches come to him because they need help with their own mindset seeking honest answers and tools to help athletes in and out of competition. They trust his answers…...based on years of International Junior and Tour experience. The journey to winning at high levels has growing mental strength needs and David helps coaches with the different obstacles and stresses as they arise which allows coaches to tackle them with great confidence, instilling a Champion Mindset. The huge advantage is the effects are immediate and create instant optimism for the future. 

“The cost of engaging with Mindset College is drastically lower than the cost of going it alone, wasting time, effort, and money when Mindset College can shortcut the entire process for you.”


Creator of Mindset College Online programs and author of several books including the bestselling “Locker Room Power”, David Sammel helps people become mentally strong and healthy for competition. 

He has recently contributed to two leadership books that are also #1 bestsellers, Fit for Purpose Leadership Volumes 1 & 2.

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