Become a Highly Efficient Runner

by Mark Cucuzella
Become a Highly Efficient Runner


Efficient Running is a 3 module multi-media and interactive course designed to teach all military members and civilians to be healthier and better runners. Running is a critical component in the USAF Fitness Assessment as well as an excellent activity for overall health. We hope to integrate this into the education of all military members preparing for their Fitness Assessment (FA). More specifically the modules could be used as a directed tool for those having difficulty with the FA. The full course is about 60 minutes.


The Coach


Mark Cucuzella

Executive Director of Natural Running Center


In the beginning there was darkness, and runners seemed lost, confused, chronically injured, always experimenting with “bigger is better” footwear as a potential remedy. Then a new “less is more” approach emerged, a radical way of thinking led by a handful of scientists, athletes, coaches, and charismatic best-selling author. They looked backward to the past for inspiration. Soon, a healer and educator came forth. Collectively, they would become the shepherds to a flock of broken-down, often-sidelined runners accustomed to wearing conventional running shoes.

As it were, this health-conscious individual lived in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, the oldest town in the state and just up the road (and river) from Harpers Ferry. His name is Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, a family physician and an elite runner, who, in his early 40s, can still reel off sub 2:40s at the Boston Marathon. Mark had a singular vision regarding the need to spread the gospel of natural and minimalist running to the masses. In early summer 2010, he opened the first minimalist running store in the nation. He called it Two Rivers Treads because culturally and historically vibrant Shepherdstown is located near the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers.

Mark and his tiny store became a fixture in the natural running community, Coaches, athletes, trainers, physical therapists, bloggers, and runners from near and far became connected to one another through Two Rivers Treads.

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