Soccer Practice Basics
by Jim Buchanan

Youth soccer coach & head trainer at Maestro Soccer in New Jersey, Jim Buchanan demonstrates a few key skills to incorporate into your practice in order to help your young athletes improve their game. Pick up some tips on teaching the basics of of shooting and kicking, as well as running an effective scrimmage in these quick coaching videos. 

Chapter 1: Soccer Skills
1 Basics of Soccer Shooting
2 Shooting Warm-Up
3 How to Head a Soccer Ball
4 Basics of the Corner Kick
Chapter 2: Practice Tips
5 Conditioned Scrimmage, Part 1
6 Conditioned Scrimmage, Part 2

JimBuchanan Jim Buchanan Teach your players to play better offense and score more goals

Jim Buchanan is the head trainer with Maestro Soccer in New Jersey. Licensed by the English FA, the USSF and the NSCAA, Buchanan has been working with youth players for many years.

Buchanan has worked with many youth clubs in New Jersey, such as Hillsborough SC, South Brunswick SC and Greater Flemington SC. He is the varsity boys' head coach at Immaculata High School, and in 2008 led the program to its first state tournament appearance since 2002.

After playing as a youth with Doncaster Rovers FC in England, Buchanan attained a Physical Education/Sports Science bachelor's degree from Loughborough University, a premier sporting and educational institution in the UK.

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