The 3-4-1 and 3-2-3 Systems of Play for the 9v9 Soccer

by Raffaele Tomarchio
The 3-4-1 and 3-2-3 Systems of Play for the 9v9 Soccer


This course is designed for coaches that want to learn and use  the  3-4-1 and  3-2-3 systems of play  for the 9v9 game format.These systems of play are a   progression of the 2-3-1 for the 7v7 game format, part of a game development model for youth players U9 to U12.

This course provides the student- coach the opportunity to learn and teach all  aspects of these systems of play, from building play from the back to the different ways of penetrating in the final 3rd and create scoring opportunities.The use of video presentations, game animations,and graphical illustratiions will provide the student with a better learning experience of the subject.Additionally the author has provided proven practice plans related to the subject, and assignments and quizzes to challange coaches in their learning of the subject.


Course Introduction
1 Overview 2:39 2 Main Introduction 4:07 3 What will you be learning 2:31
A Progressive Game Platform and Model for Player Development
4 Introduction 1:36 5 Club Systems of Play for Player Development 8:36 6 Systems Of Play General Characteristics 6:26 7 Players Roles and Characteristics 6:26 8 Principles of Play 12:45 9 Principles of Play (Hand Out) 10 Quiz 1
Building play from the back
11 Introduction 4:29 12 Fundamentals 4:47 13 Breaking the first line (Player 5 and 3 In Possession) 3:25 14 Breaking the first line(Player 6 In Possession) 3:07 15 Building play from the back Instructor Session 1 12:21 16 Building play from the back Session Plan Hand Out 17 Student-Coach Assignment 1 2:10 18 Quiz 2
Building Play through the midfield
19 Introduction 4:28 20 Central Midfielder 8 and 10 in Possession 2:25 21 Wide Midfield Play(7 and 11) 5:49 22 Striker ( in Possession 5:49 23 Building play from the back Instructor Video Session 2 11:48 24 Midfield Build Up Play (Session Plan Handout) 25 Student Coach Assignment 2 1:33 26 Quiz 3
Playing in the Final Third
27 Introduction 1:32 28 The Fundamentals 6:18 29 Central Combinations 8:02 30 Penetrating in Wide areas 6:36 31 The Counter Attack 8:34 32 Corner Kicks 9:24 33 Instructor Video Session 3 14:10 34 Attacking In Wide Areas 35 Student Coach Assignment 3 8:21 36 Quiz 4
37 Introduction 1:39 38 Defending Fundamentals 2:27 39 Defending from the Front 7:50 40 Defending in the Midfield 11:39 41 Defending in our own Third 6:43 42 Instructor Video Session 4 8:52 43 Defending (Pressure/Cover) 44 2v2 Defending 1:17 45 Student Coach Assignment 4 2:34 46 Quiz 5
Going Forward
47 Course Conclusion 2:05

The Coach


Raffaele Tomarchio is a soccer professional with over 20 years experience in youth soccer development. He has worked as Technical Directors and Director of Coaching with major clubs in Ontario(Canada) as well as being  Head Coach and coaching facilitator with the Ontario Soccer Association.

He has been a contributor to the United Soccer Coaches "Soccer Journal", the NSCAC "The soccer Journal for Soccer Coaches", Inside Soccer Magazine and Calcio Donne Magazine, as well as being the publisher for Icochsoccer website, an online technical soccer resourse platform for coaching development.


As a coach,He has over 20 years experince,winning National and Provincial titles at the youth levels, and coaching many players that have played or still play with the Canadian National Team.

His thirst of knowlesge is reflected in his soccer education.He holds a Canadian National A license, a Uefa B licensecas well as a FIFA grassroots coaching certificate.
His Italian heritage has also brought him to professional clubs like AC Milan, and Inter-Milan studying first hand their approach and metodology to the player development.

His various experiences in youth coaching have provided him with a strong foundation and belief in producing this online course to genuinely help youth coaches in the difficult yet enjoyable role they have undertaken in developing youth players

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Ruben MaganaJr

It’s started good just course got stuck on second quiz unfortunately

Jan 17, 24 07:20 PM

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