U9-U10 Soccer Coaching 101

by Roger Derham
U9-U10 Soccer Coaching 101


Welcome to the U9-U10 Coaching Course.  In this course you will be privy to basic session plans for you to take to your U9-U10 players. 

It is my goal to help all youth soccer coaches have access to the resources they need to have a successful soccer season.  Whether you are coaching U5 or a Premier Youth soccer team I truly hope that you will find this course useful.


The Coach


Roger Derham

STMA Utd Soccer Club


Roger Derham
STMA Director of Coaching
MYSA ODP State Coach
MYSA Coaching School Instructor
USSF "A" License
USSF Youth License
NSCAA Premier Diploma
NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma
NSCAA High School Diploma
NSCAA GK Level 3 Diploma

Ratings and Reviews (9)

Alexey Malyukin

Thank you for this informative course. Really like your style of coaching and methodic!

Apr 14, 19 09:05 PM



May 5, 19 02:15 PM

Mohamed Essam khirallh

It was more than fantastic Thanks a lot

Aug 3, 19 02:41 AM

Furqan Ur Rehman

very helpful for young coaches with lots of different drills

Mar 25, 20 07:44 PM

Emanuel Guedes

Nice share and some interesting ideas. to work the basics of soccer.

Mar 30, 20 10:59 AM

Artem Kutlovskii

Good course! I would like to ask you (Roger or others who have opinion) about heading activity and small game in the lessons 14,15. For me it was too hard for girls and when we have only mistakes and just few right moves it's better to make an exercise easier or don't do it at all. And in these lessons girls didn't have many touches the ball with the head. 2. Could you explain more the lesson 17 (defending activity)? For what situations in a game do we prepare players by it?

Apr 5, 20 02:27 AM


nice course for grassroots coaches. With good activities and ssg

Apr 21, 20 04:40 AM


Great course for players development

Sep 25, 20 03:44 PM

Charalampos Aerakis

Great lesson! Not only the superb drills workouts but also the perfect and just to the point coaches behavior to the kids (I don't write girls because this will work perfectly to boys too) thank you so much!

Aug 1, 21 11:12 AM

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