Coaching Youth Soccer: Ages 4 to 6

Fundamentals are the foundation essential for teaching young players that. Coaching solid fundamentals contributes to more wins as well as more fun on the field. In Coaching Youth Soccer: Ages 4 to 6, former coach for Hawaii Pacific University Nick Harrison introduces kids to basic soccer skills in 50 easy-to-follow, easy-to-teach drills that show the right way to dribble, turn, pass, receive, and shoot. These instructional videos will help your younger athletes engaged as you coach them to be fundamentally sound players and instill in them a love for the game.

Your purchase will also include access to downloadable training notes and coaching tips for each and every drill.

1 Welcome!
2 The Perfect Practice
3 Preparing for Practices
4 Delivering Practice Sessions
5 Coaching Tips
Week One: Dribbling Introduction
6 Introduction to Week One
7 Space Wars Drill
8 Crab Drill
9 Stormy Weather Drill
10 Dribbling Drill
Week Two: Dribbling Turns and Moves
11 Introduction to Week Two
12 Four Basic Dribbling Moves
13 Three Basic Dribbling Turns
14 Follow the Leader Drill
15 Soda Fountain Drill
16 Rats and Rabbits Drill
Week Three: Advanced Dribbling Skills
17 Introduction to Week Three
18 Run the Gauntlet Drill
19 British Bulldog Drill
20 Last Man Standing Drill
21 Tunnel of Doom Drill
22 Dribble To Shoot
23 Stuck in the Mud
Week Four: Passing and Receiving
24 Introduction to Week Four
25 Passing and Receiving Basics
26 Through-the-Legs Drill
27 Target Ball Drill
28 Gate Ball Drill
29 Two-Headed Monster Drill
Week Five: Passing and Shooting
30 Introduction to Week Five
31 Ball-Striking Technique
32 Passing and Receiving in Threes
33 Passing by Numbers Drill
34 Coconut Shy Drill
35 Goalhunting vs. Possession
Week Six: Passing and Possession
36 Introduction to Week Six
37 Ball-in-the-Circle Drill
38 Get out of My House Drill
39 4 v. 2 Possession in a Grid
40 Neutral Target
Week Seven: Dribbling Under Pressure
41 Introduction to Week Seven
42 Wembley Drill
43 Foxes and Rabbits Drill
44 1 v. 1 with Passive Defender
45 1 v. 1 to Target
Week Eight: Advanced Passing Skills
46 Introduction to Week Eight
47 3 v. 1 to Goal
48 Passing and Laying Up
49 Passing, Receiving and Moving
50 Around and Back Drill
51 Send 'Em In Drill

NickHarrison Nick Harrison Teach beginning players to learn and love the game

Formerly a coach with Scunthorpe United and Liverpool University in England, and Hawaii Pacific University, Nick Harrison is a talented and experienced coach, with an MS in Sport & Exercise Science and a NSCAA Premier Coaching License. He is an AYSO Certified Licensed Instructor.

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