Basics of Pitching for the Beginning Pitcher and their Coaches

This video is aimed at beginning pitchers as well as players who are considering becoming a pitcher. It breaks down the pitch into simple and easy drills that can turn anyone into a pitcher! This video provides information on proper mechanics as well as drills that can be used at any level. After watching the video, a pitcher should understand the basics of pitching and a coach should be able to apply this knowledge to the players he is coaching.

A Foundation of Fundamentals
1 Introduction 00:30
2 The Full Pitch 00:39
3 Terms and Definitions 01:48
Pitching with the Essentials
4 Grip 01:50
5 Snaps 05:05
6 Using the Spinner 03:04
7 The "K" Position 05:26
8 The Full Circle Rotation 01:47
9 The Strike Zone 01:20
10 Basic Rules of the Game 02:51
Putting it all Together
11 The Birth of a Champion 08:10
Bonus Features
12 Hop Hop Throw 01:44
13 Speed Pitching 01:48
14 One Two Three... Throw 04:28
15 Lunge to Explosion 01:49
16 Staying Open 03:36
17 Flamingo 01:47
18 Final Thoughts 02:42

daytonsoftball Dayton Softball Academy

Emily Weitz is the owner of Dayton Softball Academy, which provides private, group, and team lessons to athletes in the Dayton area. Emily was a pitcher for Bluffton University earning HCAC Honorable Mention and HCAC Sportsmanship award in 2015. Emily also is the head JV coach at a local high school. When not coaching softball, Emily provides mental health therapy as a licensed social worker at a middle school working with the emotionally disturbed population. Emily has a passion for helping young people achieve their dreams. 

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I am a father and my daughter wanted to learn how to pitch. I searched for books on the topic but stumbled upon this course instead. It’s well worth the money. Thank you.
Aug 26, 17 03:47 AM