Coaching Girls Softball - Rookies to Third Year

Starting out as a softball player is no easy task. There are many elements to the game and it can be overwhelming without the right guidance. Coach Jodie Ricciardi makes the process of coaching players at the rookie level easier with 75 softball drills, skills and coaching tips developed for beginner and intermediate girls' softball players. This collection of instructional video courses provides an entire season's worth of the essential softball skills in an intuitive, week-by-week format.

Your purchase also includes access to downloadable training notes and softball coaching tips for each and every drill.

Week One
1 Training Plan Introduction
2 Coaching Tip: Early Season Practices
3 Proper Warm-Up
4 Overhand Throwing Phases on One Knee
5 Defense: Basic Fielding Stance
6 Defense: Grounders with a Partner
7 Hitting: Basic Hitting Technique
8 Hitting: Dry Cuts
9 Hitting: Eyes Open, Eyes Closed
10 Rules of the Game
11 Coaching Checklist
Week Two
12 Week Two Overview
13 Throw to a Target
14 Basic Baserunning
15 Defense: Grounders Side to Side
16 Defense: Grounders in Positions
17 Hitting: Bat Throw
18 Hitting: One-Handed, Off Tee
19 Hitting: Tee-Hip Turns
20 Coaching Tip: Know Your Players' Abilities
Week Three
21 Week Three Overview
22 Overhand Throwing Phases Standing
23 Throw and Catch a Beanbag
24 Advanced Baserunning
25 Fly Ball Fundamentals
26 Full-Field Defense and Throw to Bases
27 Move the Ball
28 Soft Toss
29 Tee: Contact, Then Full Swing
30 Coaching Tip: Learn Multiple Positions
Week Four
31 Week Four Overview
32 Throwing Game: Last Team Standing
33 Backhand Fielding
34 Fly Balls: Drop Step
35 Soft Toss Numbered or Colored Balls
36 Front Toss
37 Coaching Tip: Practice at Home
Week Five
38 Week Five Overview
39 Timed Throws: Overhand Throwing
40 Defensive Drill: Between the Cones
41 Three-Second Drill
42 Pitch to Players
43 Fence/Net Hitting Drill
44 Tee Swing Drill
45 Coaching Tip: Winning Isn't Everything
Week Six
46 Week Six Overview
47 Throw Around the Horn
48 Scrimmage or Crazy Softball
49 Rapid Ball Drill
50 Small Ball Soft Toss
51 Angle Toss
52 Coaching Tip: Keep It Short and Simple
Week Seven
53 Week Seven Overview
54 Relay Line Races
55 Tennis Ball Bounce
56 One-Hand Drill Without a Bat
57 Grounders and Fly Balls: Back Turned
58 Coaching Tip: Position Reminder
Week Eight
59 Week Eight Overview
60 Ball Throw Hitting
61 Long Tee or Soft Toss Long in Cage
62 Around the World: Throw Around the Bases
63 Coaching Tip: The Coach's Attitude
64 Wiffle Ball Game Using No Gloves
Week Nine
65 Week Nine Overview
66 Tee: Full Swing with a Snap Back
67 Video Review
68 Short Hops
69 Keep Players Moving
70 Coaching Tip: Keep Players Moving
Week Ten
71 Week Ten Overview
72 All At Once Defense
73 Sacrifice Bunting
74 Walk Through: Off the Tee
75 Coaching Tip: Keep the Whole Team Involved
BONUS MATERIAL - Practice Plans
76 20 Done for You Practice Plans
77 Practice 1: Fundamentals
78 Practice 2: Throwing Mechanics
79 Practice 3: Catching
80 Practice 4: Infield Defense
81 Practice 5: Outfield Defense
82 Practice 6: Sliding
83 Practice 7: Advanced Baserunning
84 Practice 8: Pitchers and Catchers
85 Practice 9: Situations
86 Practice 10: Bunting
87 Practice 11: Hitting
88 Practice 12: Situations
89 Practice 13: Bunt Defense
90 Practice 14: Special Plays
91 Practice 15: Cut-Offs
92 Practice 16: Rundowns
93 Practice 17: Live Hitting
94 Practice 18: Infield Pop-Ups
95 Practice 19: Improve on Weaknesses
96 Practice 20: Situations
97 20 Downloadable Done for You Practice Plans

JodieRicciardi JodieRicciardi Experienced softball collegiate coach at three New Jersey colleges, Drew University, The College of New Jersey and Princeton University

Jodie Ricciardi is an experienced softball collegiate coach at three New Jersey colleges, Drew University, The College of New Jersey and Princeton University. She currently coaches softball at clinics and camps, and through private lessons. In addition to softball coaching, she is the head women's soccer coach at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, N.J.

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Claire Elliott

Great chronology. Hands down best approach for those wanting to teach the fundamentals. Jodie rocks!
Apr 2, 15 10:36 PM