Chezaré Sievers

Stance, Grip & Hand Positioning

by Chez Sievers
Stance, Grip & Hand Positioning


In this course, I show you an easy way for players to remember proper stance, grip, and hand positioning when batting.


Stance, Grip, & Hand Positioning

The Coach

Former softball player, who coached 4 seasons of Division I Softball and decided to walk away to be able to share and connect with softball players, coaches and parents all over the world. I currently live in Austin, TX doing lessons, team training, and clinics at D-BAT Austin. I started playing ball when I was 6.  The University of Texas offered me a scholarship. I didn’t know much about Texas, but I have always been the type of person that loved taking risks. During my 4 years, I played in three Women’s College World Series. The friends I made are my sisters today and I am incredibly grateful for my experience.Post college, I’ve worked for start-up businesses and was a business owner. I’ve worked the corporate job. I coached the Cal State Fullerton Titans, the University of Texas Longhorns, the Dornbirn Sharx, the Austrian Junior & Senior National Team, and the UC Riverside Highlanders. Coaching, traveling, and trying new things have taught me so many valuable lessons that I hope to share with you along this journey.

With Smart Softball, my goal is to deliver epic stories, simple ways to improve softball skills, and coaching philosophy. If you’re a Parent, Coach, or Player, you will have access to ALL my material, videos, and lessons. Along my journey, I have met some incredible coaches and players that will inspire you to think differently and practice efficiently. And lastly,I do not consider myself a softball guru. The techniques and drills posted are not secrets to “How to become a college softball player or coach?” There are NO quick and easy ways to become a coach and develop elite softball players. It takes WORK, SWEAT, PERSISTENCE, PATIENCE, MASTERY, and RESILIENCY.  My recommendations are based on my own experiences coaching and the results of players and coaches involved. I hope Smart Softball inspires you to take action to put what you learn into practice.

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