Learning to Live in the Water

Connect with the world of aquatics  immerse yourself on the bottom of the pool after you learn to protect your nose  in a fun-filled course.This course is ideal for people who want to learn to swim better and faster. Swimming is all about breathing,  learn how to make your time in the water safer, more fun, as you learn to rest while you swim and travel faster.

SwimGym Robert Strauss Co Founder of Swim Gym Aquatics

Robert Strauss M. Ed. U of Miami ’77. Lectured around the globe since 1979. Founder of Swim Gym™ Swim School in Miami, Florida. Since 1983 more than 40,000 Water Wise students, of all ages, recreational and competitive, have been motivated to reach their potential in a variety of aquatic programs. Strong advocate to teach people to swim for life, not for their lives. Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German. 1972 Olympian (Mexican National Team).

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