Triathlon Swimming Mastery Program

by Kevin Koskella
Triathlon Swimming Mastery Program


Are you frustrated with your swimming training? Are you wanting to leapfrog over the competition, and finish your triathlon swim with lots of energy left over for the bike and run? The Triathlon Swim Mastery program from Tri Swim Coach offers a 3-step plan to help get you through a triathlon swim:

1. Technique mastery
2. Workout mastery
3. Open water mastery


1 Nearly Sinking in the Water to Becoming an Ironman Triathlete 2 The Freestyle Underwater Pull 1:47 3 Triathlon Swimming Kick Technique 2:15 4 Why it's Important to Conquer the Swim Kick 8:48 5 Breathing in Freestyle 2:25
Swim Drills
6 Workouts for Preparing for a Triathlon Swim 2:13 7 Triathlon Swimming Drills: Sculling 1:12 8 Triathlon Swimming – Switch Drill 0:59 9 Triathlon Swimming – Arm Extension and Pull 1:57
Quick Tips
10 3 Triathlon Swimming Tips 1:52 11 Open Water vs Pool Swimming for Triathlon Swim Training 1:58 12 How Often Should You Get in the Water 1:25 13 How Much Should You Warm Up Before a Triathlon? 1:43 14 Cardio is Bad for You 3:43 15 Open Water Swimming Tips #1 of 4 4:56 16 Open Water Swimming Tips #2 of 4 3:13 17 Open Water Swimming Tips #3 of 4 2:05 18 Open Water Swimming Tips #4 of 4 3:09 19 The 5 Pieces Of Equipment You Need To Train For A Triathlon Swim 2:13 20 When to Use Fins in Swimming Training 2:08 21 How to Put your Goggles On 1:14 22 TriSwim Foggle Anti-Fog Solution 0:42 23 How to Prevent Chafing & Blisters 1:35 24 Triathlon Training Benefits of VO2 Max Testing 2:23 25 3 Quick Tips for your Next Triathlon Swim 2:54 26 The #1 thing you need to do for a faster triathlon swim 3:27
Most Common Issues in Triathlon Swimming
27 Most Common Issues: Head Position 3:16 28 Most Common Issues: Kicking 5:32 29 Most Common Issues: Breathing 4:42 30 Should I Bilateral Breathe, or Stick to One Side? 1:32 31 How to Correct Triathlon Swimming Technique 1:52 32 How to Have the Best Swim Stroke Technique for Triathlon 2:17 33 Most Common Issues: Gliding 4:02

The Coach


Kevin Koskella

Swimming for Triathlon Athletes


Kevin was an All-American swimmer in college and coached masters swimmers and triathletes off and on for years in California. At first he was BAFFLED as to why these athletes were not able to swim properly! He then became angry with the status quo, and went on a mission to save swimmers and triathletes from all the misinformation and techniques that….well, basically don’t work that are commonly taught out there. So he gathered all the information he could, from various books, websites, live courses, and chats with well-known swim coaches and successful triathletes, and developed Tri Swim Coach. Kevin’s coaching philosophy differs from the traditional approach to competitive swimming: He believes that the best swimming techniques are different than the traditionally taught styles.

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Hardik Vadher


Nov 14, 20 07:47 PM

Prem Kumar

very nice

Mar 23, 21 11:18 PM

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Jun 12, 22 04:40 AM


One of the best videos I have seen , they explain each and everything with proper techniques.

Aug 22, 23 12:37 AM

Dr.Sabry Ibrahim


Sep 16, 23 10:23 PM

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