Beginner Table Tennis

by Tom Lodziak
Beginner Table Tennis


In this course, I’ll show you the basic skills and technique you need to play table tennis. You will learn how to hold the bat, how to stand and how to move.

You will learn the correct technique for the core table tennis strokes - a forehand drive, a backhand drive, a forehand push and a backhand push. You will also get access to 21 training drills to help you improve your skills.

Each video lesson includes links to external resources, where you can read more about each topic. 

I have added a new "how to" section which includes videos on common problems beginner and improving players face when learning to play table tennis. 

To become a great table tennis player, you need to master the core skills. This course will help you do that.



The Coach

I am an table tennis coach, based in Cambridge in the UK. My coaching approach focuses on technique, consistency, movement, speed and power – the fundamentals for any table tennis player.

I started playing table tennis as a 6 year old, whilst on holiday in France. The seemingly simple challenge of hitting a small ball, with a small bat, over a small net soon turned into a lasting passion. The sport is not as simple as it looks! To develop the movement, coordination and technique to return balls travelling up to 100 miles per hour can take a lifetime to master.

I played for many years in the Central London Table Tennis League for Finsbury Table Tennis Club, before setting up and representing the ever popular Highbury Table Tennis club. In 2013, I moved to Cambridge and now coach and play in the city and surrounding areas.

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