Cardio Tennis and Triples Experience

by TTCA Texas Tennis Coaches Association
Cardio Tennis and Triples Experience


The Cardio Tennis Triples Experience course is designed to provide participants with comprehensive education and practical guidance on organizing and running successful triples events within the realm of cardio tennis. This course delves into the intricacies of triples events, emphasizing their engaging, inclusive, and profitable nature. Participants will gain valuable insights into the structure, rules, and strategies involved in conducting a triples event on a tennis court, with a focus on maximizing participant enjoyment and fitness benefits.

Throughout the course, participants will learn how to create a dynamic and competitive environment for triples events, catering to a wide range of skill levels and promoting active participation. The course covers essential topics such as gameplay dynamics, scoring systems, event promotion, safety measures, and community engagement strategies specific to triples events in the cardio tennis context.

By the end of the Cardio Tennis Triples Experience course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to plan, organize, and execute successful triples events that enhance the overall cardio tennis experience for participants. Whether you are a coach, instructor, or enthusiast in the tennis community, this course offers valuable insights and practical tips for elevating your cardio tennis programs through engaging and rewarding triples events.


The Coach

Michele Krause has been engaged with tennis her entire life. Krause is well-known for her involvement in Cardio Tennis, the high-energy fitness activity that combines the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, since its inception. She served as the program’s Global Education Director for nearly 15 years, helping to make it an integral part of tennis culture throughout the world. Now that Cardio Tennis is managed by the USTA, Krause, who resides in Sarasota, serves as a consultant to help expand and promote the program. 

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