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Off Court Presentation Topics Covered:                                              On Court Demonstration Topics Covered:

- Long Term Athletic Development                                                            - Proper way to Build a Warm Up

- Importance of a Proper Season                                                              - What to look for                                                                                                                                                prematch/practice/training

- Importance of Sport Specific Training                                                     - Examples of Tennis Specific Exercises 

- Science Behind Warm Up and Cool Down                                              - Areas to focus on/ What makes                                                                                                                                                      in "sport Specific"

- Questions and Dialogue                                                                          - What to Look for in a Cool                                                                                                                                                           Down/Proper ways to Recover


Part 1: Long Term Athletic Development
1 Introduction and Course Overview 2:13 2 Understanding Course Take-Aways and Components 3:44 3 Physiological Benefits of Having a Strength and Conditioning Program for Kids 2:51 4 Health Promotions 1:16 5 Improving Physically Through the Five Sā€™s of Balyi and Hamilton 3:19
6 Skill/Suppleness (Flexibility) 2:38 7 Stage 1 Coaching with Ages 6-9 2:51 8 Stage 2 Coaching with Ages 8-12 3:12 9 Consolidating Stage Coaching 2:56 10 Mission Accomplished Stage Coaching 2:48 11 Applying the Concept Through Routines and Habits 3:14 12 Developing a Positive View for Students 5:33 13 Developing a Positive View for Students Continued 1:24 14 Importance of Physical Activity for Development 3:10 15 Physiology of Tennis 2:42 16 Match Analysis and Changing Factors 4:52
Physical Components
17 Cardiorespiratory Major Physical Components 4:28 18 Speed and Agility Major Physical Components 3:46 19 Strength Major Physical Components 6:08 20 Flexibility Major Physical Components 7:47 21 Execute the Best Performance Test 2:41 22 Power Production 0:58 23 Fatigue and Performance 2:48 24 Nutrition, Understanding and Adaptability 10:08 25 Final Thoughts 3:49
Part 2: Strength and Conditioning for Tennis
Injury Prevention
26 Cognitive Warmup 4:53 27 Injury Prevention in Tennis 4:29 28 Injury Prevention Assessments 2:45 29 Analysis and Control in Injury Prevention 2:23 30 Prevent Early Onset of Injury Through Corrective Exercises 1:33
Changing Courts
31 Understanding Court Variables to Maximize Performance 1:27 32 Perform on the Grass 1:17 33 The ins and outs of the Hard Court 1:03 34 Increase Performance on the Clay 1:43
35 Increasing Power Through Correct Rotations 3:54 36 Recovery 5:19 37 Planning for High Performance 4:14 38 Strength and Conditioning Plan Example 1:39 39 Closing Remarks and Questions 8:58
Part 3: Sample Workout
40 Professional Warmup and Workout for Maximizing Performance 29:46

The Coach


Costa Performance

Costa Performance Strength and Conditioning šŸ‹ļøā€ā™€ļø


CASSIANO COSTA  - Cassiano has his doctorate in sports biomechanics. He was formerly the Strength and Conditioning Director at both IMG & Evert Tennis Academy and has as an extensive background working with athletes of all levels from multiple sports. He has worked with many professional tennis players, including most recently Sloane Stephens, Reilly Opelka, Magda Linette, and Jenson Brooksby.


JAMIE COSTA - Jamie is a strength and conditioning coach and certified sports nutritionist with a Master ’ s degree in Exercise Physiology from Kansas State University. She has an extensive background working with athletes ranging from kids through the professional level. Prior to developing Costa Performance, she has worked at both IMG & Evert Tennis Academy, training thousands of athletes from over nine different sports.


SEBASTIAN LAUTERBACH  - Sebastian has been a strength coach since 2019 at Costa Performance in Boca Raton, Florida. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse with a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science. Before coming to Costa Performance, he gained experience at Evert Tennis Academy as a strength and conditioning intern.

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