Developing Players through Data Driven Tennis Analysis - Mike James

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Developing Players through Data Driven Tennis Analysis  - Mike James


How can I win today?

Tennis players are are looking more and more towards data to answer the only question that matters at the highest levels.

And the analytics give us some very powerful clues.

O'Shannessey showed that 70% of points, on average end before the 5th shot of a rally... at every level of play!

So, the data PROVES that, along with creating a solid technical, physical, and mental foundation... Serve +1 and Return +1 are vitally important in developing a winning player!

Most importantly, data takes away guesswork.  It gives you a scientific basis for what to do and why.

In making difference with statistics, GPTCA professional Mike James shows you how to leverage data to:

- Make informed training decisions with your player

- Train the most critical skills, necessary to win matches

- and much, much more.

Data is a vital component of the future of the tennis athlete.  Those that use data to their advantage will have a disctinct competitive advantage over those that don't.

If you want to make sure you're using data to give your players every possible edge, in a sport with razor thin margins, let Mike James show you how.



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