Free Videos on How to Improve your Tennis Serve

by Lisa Dodson
Free Videos on How to Improve your Tennis Serve


Learn all about the ServeMaster at

Enjoy these free tennis serve videos from Lisa Dodson, Serve Master and inventor of the best tennis serve training tool! Learn to FEEL how the serve is supposed to FEEL. Learn how to serve in tennis, get a serve analysis and find products that will accelerate your tennis game at

Learn to Serve in 30 Minute! Is now Available! The principals I show you in this video series are EXACTLY what beginners need to know to advance their level and what advanced players need to hone their technique.

In this course, we will break the serve down into individual steps. It's a course you can watch all at once OR watch the individual steps, practice and hone the skill and then put all of your parts together. 

Have you ever wanted to know WHY you should finish across the body? How to get pronation? What it FEELS like to hit an amazing serve CONSISTENTLY? In this video you will:

Quickly Learn WHAT each step of the serve is.
Learn WHY you need to separate and practice each step
Learn HOW to work on each part of the serve
Put all the steps together... to hit more aces, get more power and control.


The Coach


Lisa Dodson

ServeMaster by The Total Serve


Athletes understand athletic movements better than anyone. Coach Lisa Dodson has taken her years of teaching and competition experience and created the innovative tennis teaching tool, ServeMaster by The Total Serve®.

Using knowledge of athletic body movements from multiple sports she has created an effective and easy tool that teaches the body what the serve and throwing motion should “feel” like. “It’s not just the arm and racket that do the work: it’s the coordinated movements of the entire body that create a powerful, efficient and effective serve.

The Total Serve® is being used by the best pros and academies nationally and players across many sports at all levels worldwide. What better way to learn and understand an athletic movement than to feel it? Use ServeMaster by The Total Serve® and discover a better way to serve.

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Aylin Hashemzadeh

Veryy useful thanksss

Feb 12, 22 10:13 AM

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