Getting Your Players to the Net: Revolutionize Your Coaching to Set Your Players Free!

by Bill Patton
Getting Your Players to the Net: Revolutionize Your Coaching to Set Your Players Free!


You know the frustration of working with players, boosting their net skills, and then they still dont come to the net?  28 year veteran coach Bill Patton knew that same frustration and came up with a system where in 5-7 sessions, the vast majority of players will become comfortable, and even very confident at the net.  Coaches who take this course will be transformed with a system, a strategy that they can make their own. This system of progression/regression will help you boost player's confidence so that it will stick! You will be expected to learn the factors that inhibit players from learning how to come to the net with confidence.  Some of those factors come from coaching that missed the mark just enough to be ineffective, while other factors are fairly universal among players.  Those learning this format will not only gain a template for how to create realistic progressions and regressions for students, but also some tips, tricks and sticky issues to avoid and embrace. When players are able to take ownership of their own decision making, they are far more empowered to play creatively, mindfully and play their best game.  Each challenge (drill) is one small step more difficult and realistic, and some are not realistic at all to create an overtraining effect, that makes playing a real match easier than the practice environment.  Feel free to contact Bill with follow up questions or clarifications, and also be bold, make this your own.  You may purchase the study guide on Amazon for only $0.99, which is he minimum price allowed, Getting Your Players to the Net.  Bill wil be presenting "Get Better at the Net Today!" in Los Angeles on October 1st as part of The Tennis Summit.  Other Speakers include the Coaches of Sam Querrey and Steve Johnson, as well as Styrling Strother co-founder of USATennisCoach.


The Coach


Bill Patton

Tennis Coach & Co-Founder of USATennisCoach, LLC


Bill is a Maverick Leader and has always colored outside the lines. He used to take his toys apart to see how they worked. He turned those experiences into a strength. Now he creates innovative templates so that others can build on success and make it their own. He is most proud of winning an NCS Championship, and becoming a published author for the first time. Once when trying to speak another language to a player he thought he was asking if she was embarrassed, but he used the word for pregnant. That got sorted out later.  Bill Patton is Tennis Professional and is currently coaching his 7th different high school with 28 years of experience in the field. He has coached at several schools with many great results. Mainly, the players had a great time maximizing their games, and playing on the teams. You can listen to Bill's Radio Blog at to hear from some great coaches and learn something new for no charge. Bill and his business partner Styrling Strother have started USATennisCoach, LLC which trains, certifies, mentors, and collaborates with high school tennis coaches.  Bill is a USATennisCoach Mentor Coach, USPTA Elite Professional, PTR and MTM Professional.


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Styrling Strother

Bill's course is an excellent step-by-step system of how to get your players to the net more and feel comfortable do it! I'm going to incorporate the ideas with my young junior,high school, and adult tennis athletes to help them overcome their fears of approaching and playing the net. I highly recommend this course for any player or coach looking to win more points at the net. Styrling Strother, High Performance Tennis Coach

Sep 1, 16 11:36 PM


Bill inspires confidence in the coach and player so they'll want to come to the net without any fears. He provides easy to follow progression that go from day to day and drill to drill. The drills increase in difficulty but Bill shows how to stop and manage the player's anxiety. He models in the train how to encourage your players yet still provide the proper correction. The video includes both coach feed and player cooperative drills along with great games that are fun and helpful. The players will be having a good time and not even realize they are learning how to volley at the net. This video is a must watch for any coach and/or player that is learning or just wants to improve at net play. Bill is an amazing, caring teacher that you see throughout the video.

Mar 10, 17 05:34 AM


This course is very useful to everyone

May 4, 20 05:50 AM

Suneet Bagri

very good and knowledgeable lesson.

May 4, 20 01:44 PM

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