Overhead / Technique Progressions and Winning Tactics

by Cosmin Miholca
Overhead / Technique Progressions and Winning Tactics


The Overhead is and should be an aggressive shot in tennis.
In this course, you will find two sections:
1. Progression Drills - how to learn or teach an overhead in 9 easy steps. 
2. Winning Tactics for Singles and Doubles Players when Hitting an Overhead - where to place it to make sure your overhead shot is a winner in doubles and singles play.
At the end of the course, you will know the technical elements for an aggressive overhead and how to turn this shot into a winning asset on the tennis court.


The Coach


Cosmin Miholca

Lessons, Drills and Tips for Players and Tennis Coaches


Cosmin Miholca is the founder of, a tennis platform for players, coaches, and parents.

He taught tennis in Southern California and more recently in Europe, for more than 20 years, traveling the world and sharing his passion for tennis with anybody who wants to learn an easy and fun way to enjoy this sport.

Cosmin was the first online tennis coach who showed how he taught his children to play tennis. Through the "My Daddy / My Coach" video lessons, Cosmin has been filming and sharing how he taught his two daughters to play tennis from the first time they picked up a tennis racquet until playing competitive junior tournaments. 

His simple way of teaching this sport made him a respected online tennis coach - his website, WebTennis24, has thousands of visitors who learn how to play or teach tennis.

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