Spine Ability : Ian Barstow

by World Tennis Conference
Spine Ability : Ian Barstow


Let's face it, tennis is a rotational sport... and it's incredibly demanding on the spine.

And if you want your player to maximize their potential, and minimize risk of injury... it's crucial that their spine is in great shape.

In Spine Ability by Ian Barstow (a featured presenter at World Tennis Conference) he shows you

- The biggest myths when it comes to training the spine

- Why planks are great for injury rehab... but are not the end when it comes to performance.

- Why the "old school" wrestlers had it right when it comes to training the lower back.

- Why you MUST train full range of motion if your goal is to maximize performance.

And much, much more.

Ian Barstow's breakthrough course Spine Ability will show you the keys to keeping your players' performance trending positive...

while minimizing risk of injury.


The Coach


World Tennis Conference

For the Love of the Game


Ian Barstow was a featured presenter at The World Tennis Conference by the GPTCA. His other accomplishemtns include:
  • GPTCA/ATP Certified
  • Masters in Health Science from the University of Florida
  • Has worked for 30 years using science to help athletes move better, including working at 35 grand slams, and fighting sports.
  • Developed a revolutionary approach to movement on the tennis court based on the biomechanics of the best movers



It is the most important Tennis Conference in the world which is organized by GPTCA and Segal Institute, supported by ATP.


Each year, virtually it brings together the most important and outstanding international tennis coaches, scientists, personalities, experts with great experience on player development processes, Each one presents us the progressive development pathway of Top Competitive Worldwide Tennis Players.


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Is important to remark that when you are buying a presentation/course you are helping to promote tennis because most of the speakers donate their income to Tennis AID, a non-profit organization who is promoting tennis giving racquets, nets, tennis balls, tennis clothes and much more supporting tennis actions in countries like (Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, Philippines, Bolivia, Cambodia and others)


Be ready to participate in the next WTC3 in March, 2023 with the most important coaches in Professional Tennis Circuits.

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