The Best of Oscar MTM

by Oscar Wegner
The Best of Oscar MTM


Revolutionary! Ahead of the industry! Astonishing data covering all strokes that is deeply affecting tennis coaching worldwide and will improve the way you play.
Takes players to a new level with the application of astoundingly simple techniques that you only see employed in full by the top players in the game.

It takes years to find this by practice and trial and error. With this knowledge, it will take you just hours.

This tennis coaching coarse consists of a two hour compilation of the best of Oscar Wegner's video instruction. Makes tennis easy and helps find the thread that weaves together a complete game.

Arranged in a stroke-by-stroke sequence, this course makes it very simple to improve each aspect of the game individually. Bit by bit, the player discovers new heights of confidence, ease, control, feel, and power when wanted. Promotes natural moves for strokes, just like the top pros, court coverage and recovery. It allows a full understanding of what the top pros do, including how to handle fast balls to turn them around with accuracy and effectiveness, minimizing errors.

"THE BEST OF OSCAR" shatters the barriers and misconceptions that have kept any player from playing his personal best, making improving your tennis game not only possible but easy.


The Coach


Oscar Wegner

Founder of Modern Tennis Methodology


OSCAR WEGNER was light-years ahead of the tennis industry when he was coaching open stance, stalking the ball in front, hitting up and across, lifting the body, heavy topspin and more at Spain's Tennis Federation School in Barcelona in 1973 and in Florianopolis, Brazil in the 1980's. OSCAR published his first book, “Tennis in 2 Hours" in 1989, which immediately became popular with coaches in Eastern Europe, from Moscow to Belgrade. OSCAR'S innovative teachings received further exposure for 4 years on "THE NEW TENNIS MAGAZINE" TV show in the early 1990's, leading Richard Williams to test these tenets with his daughters, future world champions Venus and Serena. Meanwhile, Brazilian Gustavo Kuerten, who had started with these techniques as a 5 year old, became world champion in the year 2000 and three-time French Open winner. From 1997 through 1999 ESPN International promoted OSCAR'S 40 revolutionary "PLAY LIKE THE PROS" tips in English and Spanish to their entire network of over 150 countries, leading to more successes around the world, receiving, in two and a half years of daily exposure, more than 10 billion impressions. Furthermore, OSCAR'S far reaching technical commentary on ESPN Latin America for 6 years charted a new course in tennis for that continent. In the 2,000s Oscar published more revolutionary books and DVDs, culminating with the :TENNIS INTO THE FUTURE" DVD Series, published in 2010. Today Oscar continues to share his latest insights into modern tennis with blog articles and video tips, and a new book to be published in 2015. He also teaches players and coaches privately in Clearwater, Florida. Test these revolutionary techniques against the more generally accepted advice of "racket back early", "close your stance", "step into the ball", "hit through the ball towards the target" and decide for yourself what works best. You be the judge.

Ratings and Reviews (5)

Donald Gill

Oscar Wegner is the best - literally the Yoda of tennis instruction. I recently had a private lesson with him and it was the best tennis experience in my life. He makes the game so simple yet has breakthrough modern tennis methods to help you play like the pros.

Apr 2, 17 01:25 AM


Great information and exciting easy teaching techniques

May 17, 17 02:10 AM


Love the brief clear points made in this course. Great overview of modern tennis ideas.

Jun 1, 17 01:54 PM


teaches modern style that pros are using. pulling to the left on the forehand and pulling on the backhand slice taught me to get a lot of power.

Sep 19, 19 07:24 AM

Suneet Bagri

Excellent and very useful lesson.

May 4, 20 01:06 PM

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