A Collection of Discus Throw and Shot Put Analysis

by Global Throwing
A Collection of Discus Throw and Shot Put Analysis


This is a practical Hands-On Coaching material by Vésteinn Hafsteinsson.

Coach Vésteinn has been an international throws coach for more than 30 years. His athletes have won 16 international championshis medals, including Olympic Discus Champion Gerd Kanter in 2008, World Champion Daniel Stahl and Shot Put Olympic Silver in 2004 Joachim B Olsen.

We have put together an analysis book for throwing coaches and athletes on all levels. Simple real-life case studies from our athletes, step-by-step guide for discus and shot put technical models.

The book’s practical approach allows the coach or athlete to download the specific analysis or print it to use at the throwing session.

All together there are 23 separate analysis

Discus Throw analysis are based mostly on Coach V athletes Daniel Stahl and Gerd Kanter. We have 7 different analysis on Daniel Stahl, including 5 world lead throws from seasons 2014-2019 and on Gerd Kanter his all-time 3rd longest throw in discus history 73.38m + 2 very good throws.

In Shot Put, we have 7 different athletes and their technique explained in simple steps.

Please be reminded, that buying this course gives you a right to use these materials on a training. Please do not share these documents online. This is a material that has took us a lot of years to put together and we hope you understand :)

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