Assess, Prescribe, & Coach Resisted Runs - Dr. Micheál Cahill

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Assess, Prescribe, & Coach Resisted Runs - Dr. Micheál Cahill


Resisted Sled Training (RST) is a commonly used method of sprint specific training, however, there is a lack of uniformity on training guidelines and best practice. RST can be used as a mode of horizontal strength training to complement a well-rounded training program to enhance sprint performance. This presentation is aimed at providing valuable practical insight from evidence-based research to better equip coaches to assess, prescribe, and coach RST to enhance speed capability. This presentation will explore the utility of RST as a training modality to match the individual needs of the athlete and the demands of the desired sport.


Getting Started
1 Introduction and Resume 3:36 2 Presentation Overview 1:47 3 Disclaimer 2:20 4 The Goal of this Presentation 0:34
Linear Speed Overview
5 Velocity Profiles 0:42 6 Sprint Specific Training Adaptation 0:44 7 Velocity Profiles and Force 1:46 8 Force During Acceleration 2:02 9 Young Athlete's Are Not Mini Adults 1:45 10 Vertical and Horizontal Strength Training 2:09 11 Important Questions 3:15 12 Evolution of Resisted Sled Training Research 2:09 13 Area's Requiring Further Exploration 1:39 14 Why and How Sled Pushing and Pulling 1:09 15 Pushing or Pulling 0:55 16 Plan 0:22 17 Sled Training as a Supplement 1:12
18 Load Velocity Profiling 1:21 19 Optimal Loading for Maximizing Power 3:33 20 Sled Push and Sled Pull Data 3:55 21 Prescribe Load Based on Speed BM Makes Sense 1:39
22 To Push or to Pull 0:57 23 Speed-Strength Study Case 2:05 24 Study Details 1:22 25 Coach Aspect 1:06 26 Improvements 2:00 27 Strength Summary 1:07 28 Resisted Sled Training App 6:09
29 Force-Velocity Curve 1:03 30 Good and Bad Idea 1:59 31 Sled Pushing 1:19 32 Sled Pushing on Track and Football 1:09 33 Maximal Speed - Sprinting 1:02 34 Strength Speed 1:34 35 Specific Use for Resisted Sled Training 2:30 36 Power Jumps 0:56 37 Power - Case Study 1:09 38 Speed Strength 0:58 39 Case Studies 1:30 40 Summary 1:13 41 Implementation - High, Moderate and Low Resources 3:50 42 Periodize Plan 2:53 43 Final Words 0:32
44 Discussion with Micheál Cahill

The Coach

Dr. Micheál Cahill works with select athletes across a broad range of sports from national level marathon runners to NFL athletes in which he guides them through multiple areas of their training such as sleep, recovery, and strength and conditioning. 

He is currently the Vice President of Performance and Sports Science at Athlete Training + Health (ATH) and is responsible for the training philosophy within all locations in addition to overseeing the day to day integration of a multidisciplinary sports performance, medicine, and research team focusing on applied human performance collaborating with large hospitals. Micheál also collaborates with universities and professional sporting organizations around the world to advise on best practice through evidence-led strategies.

Previously, he worked in various full-time and consultancy roles with multiple sports organizations and athletes around the world.

Micheál completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in Health, Fitness and Leisure and Sports Performance respectively. He obtained his Ph.D. at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand focusing on acceleration and resisted sprinting in youth adolescents. 

He is currently a research associate with Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales in which he supervises and advises sports science research worldwide.

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Robert Buoncristiano

Very clear and organized. I left with a plan and more confidence. Highly recommended.

Jun 24, 23 05:45 PM

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