High Jump Made Simple

High Jump Made Simple is a 53-minute breakdown of the key fundamentals involved in high jumping. This coaching course beaks down the four phases of the high jump and points out the common errors that are made with each phase. These coaching videos also explain what coaches can do to enhance the performance of their high jumpers by detailing a series of proven drills that can be used to enhance the fundamental skills and techniques necessary to compete competitively in high jumping events.

Among the topics covered:

Dynamic active warm-up drills
Wall drills
Hurdle-mobility drills
Strength work
High-jump drills
Four phases of the high jump
Common errors
Drills with a bar
Post-stretching and massage

1 Intro
Dynamic Active Warm Up Drills
2 Jog on Toes Straight Ahead
3 Jog on Toes In
4 Jog on Toes Out
5 Ankle Rolls
6 Pogos
7 Swims Backward Arms
8 Snakes Forward
9 Swims Forward Arms
10 Knee-Up, Heel-Up, Toe-Up March
11 Ashfords Backwards
12 Single Arm "B" Skips
13 Double Arm "B" Skips
14 Cross Arm "B" Skips
15 Clap Jacks Forward and Back
16 Step Across
17 Toe Plates
18 Grouchos
19 Straight Leg Skipping
20 Heels to Hamstrings
21 Heels Up Backwards
22 Step and Fall
23 Side Slides
24 Tight Skirt
25 Tuck Jumps
26 3 Flying 30's
27 3 Falling 30's
28 3 Standing 30's
29 Gallops
30 How to Use These Warm Up Drills
Wall Drills
31 Side to Side
32 Forward and Back
33 Figure 8's
Hurdle Mobility Drills
34 Heel "E's"
35 Foot "E's"
36 Hurdle Hip Circles
37 Scissors Straight Leg
38 Scissors Bent Leg
39 Skipping in Middle of Hurdle
40 2 Up, 1 Back
41 Walk Over Backwards
42 Over Over, Back Back
43 Lead Leg Over and Under
44 Zig Zags
45 Continuous Lead Leg
Strength Work
46 Sumos
47 Glutes Up
48 Glutes Fire Hydrant
49 Russian Leg Lifts
50 Correct Sit Ups
51 Supermans
52 Big Ball Knee Ups
53 Big Ball Leg Circles
High Jump Drills
54 Pop-Ups
55 About Circle Runs and Circle Gallops
56 Single Tracking vs. Double Tracking
57 Circle Runs
58 Circle Gallops
59 Consistent Approach Runs
60 Hand Springs Over and Back
61 Ramp Down Pops
62 Ramp Up Pops
Four Phases of the High Jump
63 Phase I: The Approach
64 Phase II: Take-Off
65 Phase III: Bar Clearance
66 Phase IV: Landing
67 Common Errors
High Jump Bar Drills
68 Kick Offs
69 Knee Ups
70 Scissors
71 3 Step
72 5 Step
73 Box High Jumps
74 5 Step Off the Tramp
75 Full Approach
76 Pro Tips
Weight Training
77 Cleans
78 Half Squats
79 Single Leg Squats
80 ABCs
81 ABCs with Circles
82 Good Mornings
83 Seated Rows
84 Hamstring Pulls
85 Calf Raisers
86 Seated Toe Press
87 Back Stretching
Post Stretching & Massage
88 Stretching
89 Massage
90 Conclusion

BryanHoddle Bryan Hoddle Sprint and Hurdle Coach at River Ridge (WA) High School

Bryan Hoddle is the Past-President of the Washington State Track and Field Coaches Association, the current Washington State high school representative for USATF, a USATF Level I Instructor, and a USATF Level II Coach, specializing in sprints, hurdles, and relays.

In 1997, Hoddle received the Pacific Northwest Track and Field “Contributor of the Year” award. In the summer of 2000, Bryan served as the assistant manager for the World Junior track and field team.

He is currently the West Region chairman for high school women’s sprint development. In the early 1980s, Bryan took over a middle school track program of 48 students and built the program to over 300 student/athletes in just three years.

He is currently the sprint and hurdle coach at River Ridge (WA) High School—1994 and 1995 state track champions and the head coach for the Northwest Select Track Club. He also serves as the director of the “PEMCO” and the “Best in the West” track and field clinics in Seattle, Washington.

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A lot of time spent on warmup drills and conditioning. Not as much time on the actual jump and theory. I was very disappointed it included nothing about how to determine your approach length. It references the approach as 90% of the jump but spent zero time instructing as to how to set your proper approach length.
Apr 15, 16 03:29 PM