Hip Mobility & Hip Stability

by ProForce Athletics
Hip Mobility & Hip Stability


Hip Mobility, Stability, & Flexibility

Hip Mobility is important for all athletes. This is especially true for athletes that spend a significant amount of time sitting when they are not training or competing. Sitting shortens the hip flexors and weakens the glutes which negatively impact hip mobility and athletic performance.

Coach DeShawn Fontleroy takes you through a series of exercises to incorporate when designing a strength program that will enhance flexibility and hip mobility for athletes. An entire course devoted to developing/strengthening the hips to ensure a full range of motion. In turn, leading to increased athletic performance, prevent lower back pain, reduce risk of injury, and boost explosive movements.


The Coach



Coach DeShawn Fontleroy specializes in problems of training — including the role of strength training, sprinting, and explosive plyometrics in the athlete’s physical preparation. DeShawn has facilitated lectures and seminars concerning the theory of sports training. He has helped professional, collegiate, and high school athletes develop explosive power and jumping ability. DeShawn also facilitates lectures and group consultations centered around sports psychology, mental toughness, and motivational interviewing.

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Mikołaj Justyński

Simple nad helpfull to add to training plan

Sep 9, 22 03:45 AM

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