Top Speed Sprint Mechanics: Hips, Ankles, & Feet

by Christian Korfist
Top Speed Sprint Mechanics: Hips, Ankles, & Feet


In this course, we will be covering the many drills that coaches can use for improving their athlete's sprint mechanics and top speed. 


1 Hips Ankles and Feet Introduction 2 The Human Running Gait 3 Basic Motor Learning Skills 4 Create Drills for Your Athletes that Help Even When You Do It Wrong 5 The Attractor of Running 6 The Lateral Chain-Toe Off 7 The Crossover Gait 8 Positive Running
Overload with Weights
9 Overload the System with Weights 10 The Effects of Single vs Multiple Joint Ballistic Resistance 11 Added Coordination Drills in the Weight Room 12 Unstable Foot Weight Room Drills Part 2 13 Lateral Chain Work in the Weight Room 14 Lateral Chain Work in the Weight Room Drills 15 Questions about the Lateral Chain Drills in the Weight Room
Overload of Coordination
16 Overload of Coordination 17 Mini-Hurdle Drills for Coordination 18 Mini-Hurdle Calculations for your Athlete's Success 19 Mini-Hurdle Drills Continued
Overspeed Training
20 Overspeed Training 21 Overspeed Training with Mini-Hurdles 22 Skills to Apply with Mini-Hurdle Drills 23 Skills to Apply in the Weight Room Continued 24 Where to Place Over-speed Training in your Workouts 25 Common Cheat Patterns for Mini-Hurdle Speed Training 26 Corrections of Common Cheat Patterns for Mini-Hurdle Speed Training Success 27 Exercises for Increased Speed
Solid Foot Contact
28 The Importance of Solid Foot Contact 29 Pushing through the Big Toe 30 Drills for Correct Foot Placement and Pushing through the Big Toe 31 The Overload System with Weights 32 Hugs not Pugs 33 Post Presentation Questions and Answers

The Coach

Chris Korfist

Unlike most facilities who are staffed by young coaches who rely on their recent playing career and “cool” factor, Slow Guy Speed School is staffed by Chris Korfist, a “sprint guru” with an international following.

With over 55 all-state sprinters and countless other high school all-state athletes, and over 20 years experience, he knows what is appropriate for the athlete in the room and not so concerned about what the pros are doing or someone else journey to where they got.

In fact, the methods have been so effective, Chris has consulted NFL teams, Big 10 Universities, Olympic team and U.S. Special Forces.

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Derek Shore

Great info as usual.

Jan 13, 22 08:53 AM

Kevin Morton

Videos we not adequate. Does not share information that is really helpful. Does not got into sprint technique as it relates to correct posture of hips, knees and ankles while sprinting waste of money

Aug 25, 22 07:12 AM

Raj Mann

I wish I would have bought this course sooner. Great as usual from Chris

Mar 16, 23 08:07 PM

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