The Dynamic Wrestling System - Level 1 of 16

by Jason Layton
The Dynamic Wrestling System - Level 1 of 16


The Dynamic Wrestling Curriculum is a comprehensive approach to learning the art of wrestling. It starts off at a very basic level that is appropriate for beginners and then gradually increases in complexity and physical difficulty, all they way up to expert level. It will provide a great foundation for the beginner without teaching bad habits that are difficult to break later on. The strong focus on gymnastics, coordination, and physical exercise will lead to an excellent athletic foundation that can transfer to any sport.


~Jason Layton


The Coach

Jason Layton is a 2x All-American Wrestler, a 2x NAGA Brazilian Jujitsu World Champion, and a member of MENSA from Long Island, New York.

Jason has been a student of wrestling since 1995 and has vigorously studied the technical side of the sport. He has over 10,000 hours of experience on the mat and has helped build over 10 NY State Champions. Jason runs the Dynamic Wrestling Academy in Deerpark NY, where he supervises over the development of over 100 wrestlers of all ages and skill levels.

Ratings and Reviews (8)

Mike Garone

Helps explain all the rules and basics of wrestling for beginners

Jul 17, 17 05:17 PM


told me basics things that my coach didn't even tell me

Mar 2, 18 01:30 AM

Raymond Bartolo

Jason has a great system and way of teaching kids to be technical wrestlers.

Oct 12, 18 01:32 AM


Clear detailed teaching that contains principles (they why) behind some of the moves.

Dec 16, 18 05:30 PM

Jason Layton

I liked it! :)

Dec 27, 18 01:53 PM

Garrett Kirchway

Easy to follow and interesting

Sep 23, 23 03:11 AM

Danett Muccio

For a new parent this is great!

Sep 23, 23 03:55 PM

Charles McLennan

Excellent teacher: explains how & why for every action he presents.

Feb 23, 24 11:40 AM

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